Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Home Cookin'. Following their big win over Oklahoma in Chapel Hill on Sunday, the Terps returned home to Comcast tonight, where they sliced, diced, braised, broiled and fricasseed the overmatched Delaware Blue Hens, for a blowout 91-43 victory in the second round of the preseason WNIT. The Terps were obviously having fun; the Delaware team . . . well, not so much. For Maryland, this one practically qualified as one long highlight reel; for the chickens Hens, it was more a horror movie.

Tonight's contest provided an opportunity for Maryland to execute some pretty sweeet plays . . . no doubt exactly as the coaches had diagrammed them. The Terps may have to work a little harder to score on those plays against Notre Dame (and LSU) . . . but it sure was pretty to see the way they were executed tonight!

Every Terp who suited up (which did not include Crystal Langhorne -- probably giving her tender ankle a little rest) played, and every one of them scored . . . and that includes Emery Wallace who, we're excited to report, hit her first career points. Congratulations, Emery! And Christie Marrone impressed us, coming off the bench late in the second half and immediately nailing a long three. Speaking of threes, Ashleigh Newman, also off the bench, lit it up from long-range, hitting 4 of 7 from behind the arc (finishing with 18 points), while Kristi Toliver also hit 4 (out of 6) of her 3-point attempts. One of KT's threes came as Marissa Coleman dribbled the clock out very late in the first half, set a screen for KT, and passed her the ball. Count it. Another -- a bomb from well beyond the NBA three point line -- came as the shot clock was expiring. Kristi finished with yet another double double, 19 points and 10 assists!

Marissa had only (just kidding) 16 points, but did manage to notch her 1,000th career point. Congratulations, Marissa! Meanwhile, Jade Perry (starting in place of Lang -- just as she did when Laura Harper was hurt Freshman year) has shown once again how indispensable she is to the Terps' success, stepping in and recording another double double (11 points and 15 boards). The three freshmen -- Drey Mingo, Marah Strickland, and Kat Lyons -- all acquitted themselves well, particularly hitting the glass, as they combined for 20 rebounds. In fact, in the early going, when the Hens managed to tie the score at 8-8, it was Drey Mingo's 3-pointer that ignited the Maryland rout.

The crowd tonight was a bit sparse . . . but enthusiastic! If you weren't among the 4,600 fans in attendance, you missed a really really fun game! So be sure to be there on Friday night, when the Terps face Notre Dame in the WNIT semi-finals. The BasketCases can provide you with a full report . . . but it's not the same as being there!


At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey BC's...does your season ticket packet have a ticket for tonight's game?

At 10:53 AM, Blogger BasketCases said...

The tix for tonight (Friday) and Sunday were sent under separate cover a couple of wks ago at no additional cost to STHs. You should call the box ofice if you didn't get yours.



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