Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Welcome Aboard the Kristi Toliver Love Boat!

The U.S.S. Testudo will be pulling away from the dock in College Park tomorrow, arriving Thursday at its next port of call, Harrisonburg, Virginia . . . hometown of Terps point guard Kristi Toliver. We expect KT will be feeling some love from the locals (even though Maryland will be doing its best to end JMU's home winning streak -- the longest in the nation). But it won't be the first outpouring of love for Kristi this year. Oh no, this season it's been smooth sailing on the Kristi Toliver Love Boat!

Let's let the ship's Cruise Director, Stacey ("I love you, Kristi Toliver") Dales, introduce our Guest Stars for this episode, in Chronological Order . . .

Diana Taurasi (October 31, 2007): "At the end of the game, I turned to Sue Bird and I told her that's the best point guard in college right now."

Princeton Coach Courtney Banghart (November 9, 2007): "We tried to set our game plan to just try and challenge her shots, but she still made them . . . I think if she just keeps leading her team I am sure she will be in line for one of the end-of-the-year awards . . ."

Notre Dame Coach Muffet McGraw (November 16, 2007): "She's an all-American, for sure, and definitely one of the best point guards in the country. We could not contain her in any way and she is very impressive to watch. . . it didn't matter what we did. She was going to score."

LSU Coach Van Chancellor (November 18, 2007): "[Kristi] Toliver was just outstanding. I thought I was in a WNBA game the way she was making shots."

Loyola Coach Joe Logan (November 20, 2007): "Kristi Toliver is special, I was fortunate to be at St. Joe's when Jameer Nelson was there and she is that type of player. She makes everyone around her better . . ."

Dick Patrick, USA Today (November 26, 2007): "Toliver is 'overall package' who's making her point."

Middle Tennessee Coach Rick Insell (December 5, 2007): "She's the best point guard in the country. How many people can do what she did when she put them in the national championship game? . . . She's going to be on the Olympic team [someday]. . . she's got an ingredient that you're born with: she's a winner."

Temple Coach Dawn Staley (December 9, 2007): "She is the key . . . She is doing extremely well, and probably the best point guard at this time in the country."

Can't you just feel the love? Enjoy your homecoming, KT!


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