Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Rematch

Tyler: Markus, don't you just love this chair?

Markus: You bet, Bro! It sure brings back memories. I can't wait for the new season to start. But I sure am gonna miss Lang and Harp come fall.

Tyler: You know they're playing each other tonight. The Mystics and the Monarchs have a rematch out in Sacramento.

Markus: Really? Cool! Can we catch it on TV or the web?

Tyler: Nah, no video, just audio on WNBA.com.

Markus: What time's the game?

Tyler: 'fraid it's after our bedtime . . . starts at 10 PM EDT. But maybe for Lang and Harp, we can get Mommy and Daddy to let us stay up late.

Markus: Yeah, that would be great! Maybe they'll let us sit here together in the Big Chair listening to those two play . . . just like old times, eh, Bro?

Tyler: Got that right. We listened to a lot of games from this chair last season. So who are you picking tonight?

Markus: Well, I have to go with the Mystics. Lang's money in the paint. She's leading the WNBA in shooting percentage, isn't she?

Tyler: Yeah, that's true. If she isn't the best finisher in the league, she's pretty close to it. But don't forget the Monarchs won at the Phone Booth and they're pretty tough to beat at Arco. So my milk money's on Harp and the 'Narchs.

Markus: I'm getting excited already, aren't you? Shoot, I think I already need a new diaper.

Tyler: I know what you mean, but we still need to get permission to stay up late.

Markus: Tell you what, I'll tell Daddy that Mommy said it was OK with her if it's OK with him.

Tyler: Right! And I'll tell Mommy that it's OK with Daddy, if it's OK with her! Works every time. Great idea, Markus!

Markus: Hey, it's nothing . . . that's what older brothers are for.

Photo Credit (and thanks!): DaddyCam (Tyler on the left, Markus on the right)

* * * * * * * *

Other Maryland news . . . Many thanks to one of our Aussie readers for news about another former Terp, Shay Doron.


At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh you're back!! Glad the despair did not last long!! The bros look great and this made my day!! You guys are awesome! Love the dialogue! LOL LOL Great, great shot!


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