Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Morning. . . . Game Day.

New Interim Head Coach Jessie Kenlaw makes her debut this afternoon when the Mystics take on the Western Conference-leading Seattle Storm at 4 PM at the Verizon Center.

Fortunately for the Mystics, the Storm's leading scorer, Lauren Jackson (who is currently the 3rd top scorer in the WNBA), has departed to join her teammates on the Aussie National Team for pre-Olympic training. But the Storm have plenty of other weapons, as the rest of their roster reads like the starting line-up of an All-Star team: Sue Bird, Swin Cash, Sheryl Swoopes and Yolanda Griffiths. The LJ-less Storm have already beaten Indiana on the road this week. The Mystics will need to bring more fire and focus to the court this afternoon to reverse course after their recent dismal performances.

Mystics sharpshooter Laurie Koehn is the subject of a feature this morning in the Hutchinson (KS) News Online. In light of Tree's firing yesterday, we found these remarks by Laurie particularly interesting:
Koehn said playing for Rollins was completely different than her first two years at Washington when she played for the more regimented Richie Adubato.

"It's definitely another good learning experience," she said. "My first two years, it was Richie Adubato, who has been around basketball forever and has coached it at every level, and just knows the game inside and out, and was an X's and O's man.

"Rollins wasn't one of those type of coaches.

"For me, it's one of the first times I've really played in a system that doesn't have a lot of structure," Koehn said. "Obviously, coming from K-State, we had about 85 plays in the playbook, we were very structured and it worked for us."


At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, another coaching change. It was due! Tree seemed to totally blame the players but as has been noted, it is not all on one person. I too left before the final buzzer for the first time ever. But I will come back for today's game and hope at least for better effort, emotion and comittment!!


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