Thursday, April 09, 2009


Just to recap, the WNBA draft begins at 3 PM EDT this afternoon. The Mystics have the #2 pick, as well as picks #23, 24, and 28 -- but don't expect to hear household names with those picks (or even players likely to make the roster).

You can watch the First Round live -- in HD -- on ESPN2, and Rounds 2 & 3 on ESPNU and NBA TV.

Stuck at work without cable TV . . . like the BasketCases? Well, here's what you can do: you could follow the picks on . . . or, better yet, have a friend who's actually watching patch you in by speaker phone, so you can follow the progress of the draft telephonically live!

If the Mystics' pick is the one you're most interested in (as are we), the Mystics announced yesterday that they will be "live blogging" from their "war room" starting at 2:30PM. You should be able to access that blog from the Mystics' web site. We're very much looking forward to reading the description of all the war room "action" taking place after Atlanta makes the first pick and the Mystics are "on the clock." Trade calls? Head scratching? A huddle? Actually, more likely no drama at all . . . GM Angela Taylor calmly consulting her board with her ranked list of players, crossing off Atlanta's pick, waiting five minutes, and calling WNBA Prez Donna O to select the top name remaining. (Hopefully followed immediately by happy screaming in our ears by the BasketCases' phone-a-friend.)

Meanwhile, the San Antonio Silver Stars are trying a little one-upsmanship on the Mystics. They promise a live webcast from their war room! So head to their web site if you'd like to see how Coach/GM Dan Hughes is spending his time while he waits for Round 2. Yes, the 2nd Round! The Silver Stars have no pick in the first round . . . so that first hour should be a truly exciting webcast! [Note to Dan: As you're busy crossing off the names of every other team's picks for an hour, don't forget you're on camera. No cursing, no nose-picking and no, ahem, re-adjusting (if you catch our drift).] Sounds like great fun. We can hardly wait to tune in!

Finally, while you're anxiously waiting for 3PM to arrive, be sure to read this very interesting "Draft Q and A" with Angela Taylor posted late yesterday on (with more than simply Angela's thoughts on the draft), as well as Katie Carrera's article in today's Washington Post and Mike Fratto's in the Washington Times about the Mystics' draft options. The Times also takes a look at how the Mystics are doing, from the business end, during this rough economic downturn. ("Fine," according to the headline.) And, of course, you can always read (or re-read) the BasketCases' pre-draft analysis.

Be sure to check back here later for news and thoughts about the Mystics' picks!


At 10:30 AM, Blogger JPNtheHUN said...

ESPN360 claims they will show the first round, if you can access that at work.

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First time ever that I've really looked forward to the WNBA draft....the last 2 years were the 1st & 2nd times I've ever cared at all, so it's progress for the W that I'm even paying attention. I'll be ELATED if the Mystics take planning on purchasing seats this afternoon if they do...


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