Friday, April 10, 2009

The Newest Mystic

Is Marissa Coleman happy about having been drafted by the Mystics? You bet she is! As Mike Fratto reports in today's Washington Times, Marissa told the media, “I'm very excited to play with the Mystics. I grew up watching them play; you know they're in my backyard. I don't think there's a better situation for me to end up in.” For their part, according to Fratto, the Mystics are equally delighted, having ranked Marissa as "the highest-rated player on [their] draft board."

GM Angela Taylor told the Post's Katie Carrera that the Mystics "couldn't pass up Coleman's versatility." As reported by Carrera, "In the upcoming season, the Mystics plan to rely on its platoon of shooting guards and small forwards -- including Matee Ajavon, Alana Beard, Monique Currie and Coleman -- to lead a fast-paced style that emphasizes the transition game."

In the Mystics' own post-draft press release, Angela elaborated on some of the things that so impressed them about Marissa:

Marissa was an integral part of building a championship program at Maryland and has consistently demonstrated an ability to elevate her game at crucial times during the course of a game. Her size, versatility, and ability to score from anywhere on the floor makes her a very special player. Her competitiveness, work ethic, and passion for winning have made her a champion. All of which will certainly will be great complements to the players we have on our roster.

And Mechelle Voepel sums up Marissa this way: "Marissa Coleman is sort of the basketball Kate Winslet to me: I like everything she does and think she can do anything. Lots of women’s hoops followers feel the same way."


Finally, even though the season hasn't yet started, Marissa is already playing well with her new teammates. Marissa's college number, 25, happens to be the number that Mo Currie wears for the Mystics. However, no exchange of golf clubs or other goods will be necessary to resolve the conflict. Marissa has already reported via Twitter that "I don't want to beat down Mo Currie for #25, so I'm changing my number to 4, for my boy. My little bro." We're glad that's been taken care of so quickly!

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Sky High . . .While Marissa is happy to be staying home, Kristi Toliver is excited about heading to the Windy City this summer to start her professional career. Kristi grew up wanting to play with Michael Jordan and the Bulls. As she told the Diamondback about being drafted by the Sky yesterday, "If I can't play for the Bulls, then I guess this was the next best thing." According to the Chicago Tribune, Kristi is looking forward to playing up-tempo ball on her new team: "I know they want to get up and down; I know they love to run. I'm just really excited, and I think we'll work really well together." The Sky were looking for more offense, and they certainly got it in Kristi. Chicago GM and Head Coach Steve Key praised Kristi as "the best fit for our team. We needed someone who could create their own shot." She sure can!


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just absolutely wonderful! Thanks for the update!

As for the Terps, I'm confident that we'll have another strong season (after some initial speed bumps). I guess we'll just have to show the haters on the message boards that they really don't know what they're talking about ( explaining why they sit and write about it, rather than doing it (and here I mean, coaching, playing - things they all intimate that they can do better than Coach B or our remaining players).

At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terps site says that Drey Mingo is transferring. I've always liked her though she can be frustrating sometimes. I can see why she'd want more playing time.

At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm circling the first meeting of Minnasota (Montgomery) and Chicago (Toliver)! That should be a fun track meet! As for our Mystics - to paraphrase, with apologies, Robin Roberts and India Arie - It's a new time, it's a new day; wonder what this season will bring our way!!
Sandra R.

At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry - Minnesota!! LOL! It's Friday!

At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Mingo - I had a feeling she would transfer and I wish her nothing but the best!


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