Friday, November 19, 2010

Playing for a Natty!

Readers of this blog may think that the BasketCases' only sports interest is basketball. Not so! Today, for example, we were avidly following the NCAA Field Hockey Final Four semi-final match between Maryland and Ohio State, being played, as fortune would have it, at Maryland. OK, we confess, we "avidly" followed it on our laptops. But, we were still "avidly" rooting for the Terps. (And for the record, one of the BCs actually played college field hockey . . . back in the day when the players weren't as coddled as they are now, and we had to carve our own hockey sticks from the limbs of nearby trees.)

And so, a little while ago, as we watched the Terps overcome an early goal by the Buckeyes to dominate their semifinal opponent and win the game, 3-1, we were thrilled. Yay! Congratulations, Terps!

Obviously, today's win means that Maryland advances to the CHAMPIONSHIP game on Sunday against . . . (drumroll please) the Tarheels, the defending NCAA champions. Whoa! So one ACC team will be adding a Natty to its trophy case this weekend (unless, of course, the winning coach shares Coach B's philosophy: that a Natty's rightful place is in the coach's office where recruits can get a closer look . . . makes sense to us!).

And here's the really cool part: the Natty game will be played at 12 noon at the Terps' Field Hockey Complex, just prior to the Terps' basketball game against American University at 2 PM at Comcast. In other words, a BIG (not to mention, convenient) double-header opportunity for fans of Maryland's GREAT women athletes.

The BCs have already bought our tickets for the NCAA Championship game (one of us will be seeing her very first live FH game . . . ever!). As of a short time ago, tickets for the NCAA Field Hockey Final were still available online (link here). So join us for this great double-header (sunny weather in the forecast!).

We'll see you at the Complex . . . then at Comcast (oh, and after the game, we'll see you at the Rebounders social with the team, cool). Sunday, Sunday, Sunday . . . what a wonderful day to be a Terps fan!!!

Go Terps FH . . . WIN A NATTY! Go Terps B-ball . . . Beat AU!


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