Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day Plus One

The BCs hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving yesterday. The Terps celebrated their holiday in Greenville, NC . . . and we understand they were treated to plenty of turkey with all the trimmings.

It can't be easy, after a big holiday meal, to hit the court the next day and play your best basketball. But that's what the Terps tried to do when they faced off this evening against the Pirates of East Carolina University. They succeeded in winning the game, 76-60, but perhaps didn't succeed in playing their best basketball.

We confess we didn't actually see the game. We looked for a link for a single-game, pay-per-view purchase and, not finding one, we opted to follow the "action" on Gametracker (for free). The Terps led practically the whole way, and there were some good individual performances: Lynetta (16), Alyssa (14), and Diandra (13) all finished in double figures, and Alicia was a veritable rebounding-machine, pulling down 16 boards. However, the stat-line from tonight's contest was bloated in a few categories that ought to be a bit leaner and meaner: 26 TOs and 21 PFs committed by Maryland . . . ouch!

Some people claim that an amino acid in turkey, tryptophan, makes you sleepy. So perhaps the Terps couldn't help it. Since we weren't able to actually see the game, maybe the Terps were struggling to stay awake and that accounted for some of those bloated statistics.

In any event, they won. So that's good. And it's also good that they don't have to wait long for a chance to work on their mistakes: At 1 PM tomorrow (Saturday), they meet the UMass Minutemen (Minutewomen?) in the second half of ECU's Thanksgiving tournament.

Good Luck, Terps . . . Beat UMass!


At 9:33 PM, Blogger xwomynjoc said...

I tried to watch the game, also but, found no single game option. Big loss for CBS sports. Oh well, a win is a win. On to tomorrow and hopefully a better performance in the TO stat.


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