Thursday, May 11, 2006

Waiting for Tot. Only two more days. Saturday, I'll get to see Latasha Byears in a Mystics uniform. Unbelievable. Years ago, the BasketCases created a fictional "Dark Alley Club," whose members were WNBA players you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Tot was the President for Life. (Tamika Whitmore was another member. You get the point.) A major problem with the Mystics has always been that they never have had a member of this club. They were just too nice; everyone pushed them around, they never had a truly intimidating presence on the court. Well, now things will change! Tot is here, gold tooth, tats and all. And in case you missed this interview with Tot some years ago, when asked about the physicality of WNBA play, Tot said it was no problem for her because "I'm from the 'hood, and I had to play against guys named Juju, Neckbone and Killer." Yes, I expect things will be a little different now at the Phone Booth!



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