Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sweeeeeet!!! Coming into tonight's game in Charlotte, the Mystics had not won a road game since July 21, 2005. That's right, nine straight losses on the road extending back into last season. Tonight, however, the Mystics not only broke that string of road losses by defeating the Sting, 96-77, they also broke some records (well, at least one) along the way. After a close (and foul-plagued) first half, down 38-42, the Mystics broke the game wide open in the third quarter by scoring 35 points, setting a new WNBA record for most points scored in a quarter. And in the waning seconds of the game, with the Mystics sitting at 95 points, rookie Tamara James sank a free throw to give the Mystics, according to the announcers, a new franchise record! [There's only one problem . . . as our astute blog readers brought to our attention (see Comments below), the Mystics scored 97 points in a win over Utah on June 4, 2002.] Anyway --- back to the game --- with Crystal Robinson out suffering from cramps and most of the other starters in early foul trouble (in no small measure due to some questionable officiating), the Mystics' bench stepped up big time. Laurie Koehn in particular had a stellar night, playing nearly 20 minutes and shooting a perfect 4 of 4 from the field, including 3 of 3 from (way!) behind the three point line. The Road Worry-ers certainly looked like Road Warriors tonight.

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The BasketCases give a big shout out to the Comcast SportsNet broadcasting team of Byron Kerr and Christy Winters-Scott. Byron, who has been the Mystics' radio voice for years and who does a terrific job making the game come alive in that non-visual medium, was a good pairing with Christy. They provided informed commentary (and in some cases, misinformed commentary) with the right amount of energy; we hope to see more of Byron on TV in the future.


At 11:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, The Mystics scored 97 points vs Utah on June 4th, 2002. 96 is not a franchise record no matter how many times Byron Kerr says it. (Unless I am mistaken and the data on the Mystics website is wrong.) Also, Christy mistakenly called Nakia "Stanford" several times (at least that is what I heard).

At 2:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They also scored 96 points vs Detroit on Aug 4,2000. So it's still only a tie for 2nd highest scoring game in franchise history. To bad Laurie and another player missed a few free throws they could have had 100 points. Got to make the free ones. Great game Very questionable calls and non-calls by the officiating crew. Way too many whistles.

At 4:12 AM, Blogger BasketCases said...

Good catch, anonymous! Yep, the 2002 Mystics schedule on the website sure does show us scoring 97 against Utah! Thanks to you, we updated the blog entry to provide the correct information.

Now, does this error mean the BasketCases must nominate themselves for the Golden Twinkie Award? ;-)


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