Monday, July 10, 2006

Teammates. Today's LA Times has an article about Latasha Byears's "quiet" battle back to the court that reinforces how supportive DeLisha Milton-Jones and Nikki Teasley -- Tot's former Sparks teammates and now current Mystics teammates -- have been. According to Richie Adubato, both were instrumental in convincing the Mystics to bring Tot in from the cold (or, to be more precise, from Turkey) after her release by the Sparks in 2003 and her apparent blackballing by the WNBA. Tot herself is upbeat:

"Everything I went through was worth it to get back to play. I'm a fighter; I ain't just gonna lay down for nobody. And that sends a message to other people who go through similar situations — don't give up. It's ways out here to deal with people. That's why we've got a justice system."


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