Monday, October 23, 2006

Pop Up Brenda??!!! I have to confess I've been really worried about BasketCase Judith of late. I think it was last Thursday that she called me at work to say that Brenda Frese just "popped up" on her computer screen . . . and talked to her! When I asked (as was only natural) what exactly "pop up Brenda" had to say, BC Judith told me that Brenda asked her to buy season tickets (as if we didn't have them already!). Judith said she "heard" Brenda's voice a few seconds after clicking on the Terps' website and when she scrolled over, there in the bottom right section of the page was Brenda, holding the Natty --- and talking to her!

So, of course, I did what any Maryland fan would do, I immediately clicked the link in my Favorites --- that took maybe one second --- and lo and behold . . . NOTHING! Well, not exactly nothing. The Terps' website was still there in all its glory. There was an article about Coach Frese being selected as Nike Coach of the Year (cool!); there were pictures of players (also cool!); the multi-media screen with its selection of features was still there (very cool!); in other words, all the usual stuff was right there where it was supposed to be. But a poppin'-up-Natty-cradling-ticket-talkin' Brenda? No, she was decidedly absent!

So, I tried it again. No Brenda! And again . . . still no Brenda! To make a long story slightly less-long, I tried for days (including all weekend from home --- just in case my office computer was somehow equipped with a special Brenda-Blocker!), but no matter how many times I tried . . . NO BRENDA! Meanwhile, BC Judith called me several times to say "Brenda's back . . . she popped up again!" So, now you can understand why I've been worried about Judith. To be honest, though I'm a BasketCase myself and I always knew Judith was one, still, this new now you see her, now you don't Brenda of Judith's was starting to creep me out. I was beginning to think we might have to rename the blog, the DCStraightJackets if Judith continued receiving virtual visits from basketball personalities.

But then, at 9:37 AM this morning, the most amazing thing happened --- Brenda popped up! She really did! I clicked on the Terps in my Favorites and all of a sudden I hear a voice. So I turn up the volume and scroll over, and sure enough, there's Brenda (in a red Maryland polo shirt) holding the Natty and talking about season tickets! Wow! So it's true. BC Judith really isn't crazy --- well, actually she is crazy, just not in that hallucinating-imaginary-friend kind of way! What a relief!

So loyal blog readers, feel free to check it out for yourself . . . visit the Maryland website and see if Coach B makes an appearance as your very own pop up pal! (And, feel free to report all sightings back to the BasketCases --- just to prove we're not the only ones who see her!)

--BC Eileen


At 12:58 AM, Anonymous karen said...

You're not crazy, I saw her too!

At 12:25 PM, Blogger xwomynjoc said...

Coach B. has popped up for me every time I brought up, since last week. I love it.

At 2:38 PM, Blogger BasketCases said...

Every time??!!! Lucky you!!! You must be on a special list! :-)



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