Thursday, March 15, 2007

No Grazing Allowed! Anyone who's been to a Mystics game these past two summers knows that owner Sheila Johnson is more than just a die-hard fan . . . she's the team's Number 1 Cheerleader!

But until reading this week's Q and A with Dr. J in the Minneapolis-St. Paul paper, the BasketCases didn't know she isn't simply content with cheering herself . . . no, she also sets some pretty tough ground rules for anyone she invites into her owner's box. They have to cheer for the Mystics or she kicks them out!! No freeloaders just there for the food and drink --- Uh uhh! As Sheila puts it,

I really get into the games, and there's no reason to come into the owner's box if you're not going to cheer. I don't want them to just graze their way through my food. I want them in there to cheer my team on. All the fans look up there, and they don't want to see people just partying. They want to see people rooting for the team.

Well, Sheila, all we can say is that if you invite the BasketCases up to your box for a game this summer, you won't have to remind us to cheer -- although with the MCI Center's new rules against bringing in outside food, we surely will do some grazing!


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