Tuesday, May 01, 2007

NCAA Bans Text Messaging from college coaches -- all coaches, not just women's basketball coaches -- to recruits beginning August 1.

OMG, N/T! TPTB 2 Coaches: SRY . . . OAO, NUFF, SU. SWDYT ABT Ban? FBM or PU? N/MO HT or S^ or PCM or SMEM or CYM. & N/MO TXTS 2 SNET Recruits. TTG.

[Translation: Oh My God, No Texting! The Powers That Be (NCAA) to Coaches: Sorry . . . Over And Out, Enough Said, Shut Up. So What Do You Think About the Ban? Fine By Me or It Stinks? No More Hi There, or What's Up or Please Call Me or Send Me an Email or Check Your Messages. And No More Texting To Snotty Nosed Egotistical Teenagers Recruits. Time To Go.]


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