Saturday, March 08, 2008

Greensboro: Day 2

Early wake-up call . . . if you're an ACC fan, especially a member of the Maryland Rebounders Booster Club . . . 4 games today, all 4 of the seeded teams take the court. In other words, a very long day ahead.

Fortunately, there are not too many sartorial decisions necessary for Terps fans attending the ACC Tournament.

Over in the Coliseum, the Greensboro News & Record was handing out Team Signs to fans . . . EXCEPT signs for one team (see if you can figure out which one) . . . those signs had been held up at the printer. OK, if you believe that, the BasketCases have a bridge in Brooklyn we'd like to show you.

Finally, the 3rd game of the day tips off (in the earlier contests, the seeds held and both Virginia and the Heels advanced). The Terps win the tip against Boston College, score the first points of the game, and never trail.

For the first time since the beginning of the regular season, and less than three weeks after giving birth to twins (is she incredible or what?), Coach B "prowled" the sidelines.

And (on her feet) provided players with some one-on-one support and instruction.

And while Coach B was back in charge in the huddles, make no mistake, Coach Park was pretty busy as well, diagramming plays, encouraging and advising the players, and contributing to the T-E-A-M win.

Plenty of red-clad Terrapin fans . . . and family members (Harp's Mom, on the right) . . . were here (along with the BasketCases) to cheer on their favorite team and players.

Maryland beats Boston College for the 3rd time this season, 93-81. Every Maryland starter scored in double figures. Harp and Lang combined for 49 points, shooting an incredible 19 of 21 from the field. In fact, Harp was perfect from the field -- 8 of 8 (tying an ACC Tournament record) -- and almost perfect from the free throw line -- 9 0f 10. Wow!
Next up: Duke!

But the day didn't end after we left the Coliseum . . . every Maryland game at the ACC tourney is followed by a get-together of the Rebounders back at the hotel. Win or lose (mostly, win!) we just love talking Maryland Basketball.

And tonight's Rebounder get-together had a special guest . . . Mystics GM Linda Hargrove! (The Mystics hold the sixth overall pick in next month's WNBA draft, and Linda and Mystics Head Coach Tree Rollins are here at the tourney scouting WNBA prospects.) Linda, looking very smart in her Terrapin-red jacket, told the Terps' best fans that she too is a big fan of the Maryland senior-starters, Crystal Langhorne and Laura Harper. (And how could anyone not be?!) Many thanks to Linda for accepting the BasketCases' invitation to stop by the post-game social!

A long -- but fun fun fun -- day. A win. Duke tomorrow. Time to call it a night.

P.S. Go Cavs, beat UNC

Photo Credits: wardrobe: JEB; all others: DC BasketCases


At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Cavs indeed. Let's turn this Tarheel Invitational into The Beltway Classic. Go Terps.

At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Terps-and Mystics! What a dream if either Lang or Harp continues her career in DC; it could happen. We need some Terp flavor at the Verizon Center. Love AB and Mo but they went to that other school that shall not be named!!

By the way - my dream day is watching 4 basketball games in a row! I even did it in Maui one year!! Loved it!! Enjoy!!


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