Sunday, May 11, 2008

George Solomon, former Sports Editor of the Washington Post, now writes a really boring column for the paper every Sunday. Today he ended his column this way:

"There's no place more still than an empty arena in the weeks after the local pro basketball and hockey teams have been eliminated from the playoffs. I know, we have the Mystics and Neil Diamond (Aug. 5). But . . ."

See photo.


At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Stewart said...

Some people will just never accept the WNBA as a viable and entertaining league. And that's a shame. They're missing a GREAT game a LOT of talented women.

At 10:55 AM, OpenID maruxf said...

It is not shocking in the slightest...Solomon is the same idiot-editor that thought there was nothing wrong with printing an obviously biased story, written by an equally stupid, rabid UNC alum writer (Sally Jenkins), the day AFTER the Terps beat UNC in the 2006 final four, which in essence called the LOCAL team a dirty team. She even stooped so low as to call the uniforms ugly. Just goes to show, the journalistic prowess that Mr. Solomon thinks its good-enough for the Post. IDIOT!

At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the nature of Solomon's first item, the choice of image is unfortunate. Not to say I'm a GS fan; the Post has some excellent sportswriters but George is one of the section's least engaging scribes. Ironic, then, that he should talk about being overtaken by a sense of ennui.

I must admit I've mostly been following baseball lately and not thinking too much about the Stics (I've been to three Nats games so far this year, including Saturday's inspirational 11-0 loss to Florida) but I just popped for a Mystics six-game package and am officially psyched up.



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