Thursday, November 13, 2008

Terps Tip-off at TCU!

Maryland's 2008-09 season officially gets underway tomorrow (Friday) when the Fearsome Turtles travel to Fort Worth, Texas, to face the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University at 6:30 PM EST. (Yes, note that early start time!)

The game is being shown on the Mountain West Sports Network, Direct TV channel #616; but if you don't get that channel (we don't!), you can also follow the action via audio webcast by clicking on And you can keep track of the live stats via Gametracker.

But if that doesn't satisfy your need for multi-tasking, during breaks in the action you can surf the web and catch up on all the important Terps News:

First, go to and VOTE for the nation's top point guard! No secret ballot for the BasketCases . . . we voted for Kristi! (On every one of our computers, every day!) And while you're visiting, don't miss Beth Mowins' great feature on Marissa, or Charlie Creme's preseason take on the major conference races. (Hint: he picks a certain team whose mascot is a reptile with a hard shell to win the ACC.)

Then, stroll over to the Baltimore Sun and check out Childs Walker's article about some great expectations . . . Kristi and Marissa won't be satisfied with anything less than an ACC championship and another Natty! And, as long as you're on the Sun's website, visit Matt Bracken's Baltimore Sun Recruiting Report and get better acquainted with future Terp Essence Townsend. Here's the BasketCases' favorite new factoid gleaned from Matt's Report: Essence's "Best basketball moment: 'My first dunk in a high school basketball game.'" Did she say Dunk?!!!

Now take a moment to read Marissa's blog on Sports . . . who knew that blogging was a competitive sport!

And don't miss this feature by Mike Fratto of the Washington Times on amazing Terp freshman (and preseason ACC Rookie-of-the-year) Lynetta Kizer, or this one by Camille Powell in the Friday morning Washington Post (in which we learn that 'Netta has now replaced Harp as Marissa's official chest-bump-partner).

Of course, things are a little different this season for Coach B . . . no babies on board . . . no big chair! Read more about her changes here and here.

Lastly, our former Terps, Harp, Lang & Shay, continue to post "excellent" performances in Euroleague international competition.

Okay, that should be plenty to keep you busy during the timeouts! But don't forget to check back with us tomorrow night for a post-game report.


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