Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Live from Detroit . . . It's Wednesday Nite! At 7:30 PM this evening, the Mystics face the defending WNBA champions, the Detroit Shock, on the road at the Palace of Auburn Hills. Tonight's game provides the young Mystics an excellent opportunity to measure themselves against the very best (on Monday, the Shock demolished the LA Sparks by 29 points!).

This challenge couldn't come at a better time. With more than a week's break before the Mystics face their next opponent (@ ATL on 6/19), the "data" gleaned from tonight's game (as well as that already downloaded from the Mystics' two earlier outings) should help Coach Plank and her staff (including newly promoted Assistant Coach, and now also Manager of Basketball Operations, Vicky Bullett) use the upcoming practice time to their maximum advantage. They won't have another opportunity for practice like this the entire rest of the season.

Tonight's game is being shown on's Live Access. And yes, the BasketCases are fully aware that there were some "technical difficulties" with the Live Access broadcasts during opening weekend. In fact, the problems were so widespread that the WNBA issued an apology this week for the "issues" some fans experienced. We're hopeful that they've worked out the bugs and that we'll be able to see tonight's contest live from Detroit.

BTW, for those of you who (like the BasketCases) are slightly technology-challenged, here's a tip: the WNBA Live Access screen does not display a full-screen icon, but if you right-click on the screen, then click on "zoom" and then click on "full-screen" . . . voilĂ ! A full-size screen pops up!

Wednesday Morning Reading . . . Mike Fratto in the Washington Times writes about the Mystics' "smooth transition" (link here) and Katie Carrera in the Washington Post previews tonight's "early test" (link here). And, whatever you do, don't miss the latest blog post over on (link here) by "rhythmically challenged" rookie Marissa Coleman.

and Viewing . . . check out Mystics TV's new pregame feature with Christy Winters Scott and Frank Hanrahan (link here).

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Some News Out of College Park . . . The University of Maryland announced yesterday the hiring of a new Assistant Women's Basketball Coach. Marlin Chinn, former top assistant and recruiting coordinator at the Big East's Seton Hall, will be joining Coach B's staff. Coach Chinn not only brings strong experience to his new job, but he also has strong ties to the local DMV community. Welcome aboard and welcome home, Coach C!


At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does the MBO do? Is that like an assistant GM? I know Vicky was doing player development, so is this an outgrowth and expansion of that?


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