Saturday, February 12, 2011

Better Late Than Never

These days, when sports teams win championships, there's always lots of hoopla and celebration, and usually some serious bling involved. But what championship teams take for granted today, wasn't always so.

Back in 1978, Maryland's Basketball Team had the great honor of winning the first ever ACC Women's Basketball Championship. But honor (and a place in history) was, in fact, all that they received -- no bling. To be more specific: no rings.

As the years went by and members of that history-making team cheered on newer champions --players who were honored with t-shirts, hats, banners and rings -- not having a ring of their own, well, it rankled. So a few years ago, '78 team member Liz Abood decided to do something about it. And thanks to her efforts, which you can read about here, this decades-long slight will be rectified tomorrow, Sunday, at Comcast Center, when the 1978 players will -- finally -- receive their long overdue ACC Championship rings during halftime of the Terps' game against Virginia.

After only 33 years, these champions will finally get their bling! Wow . . . this just has to be one of the BEST halftimes EVER!

Congratulations (again) to the '78 Terps! We hope their presence on the court tomorrow will be an inspiration to this year's team. What better reminder of the great tradition that is Maryland Basketball.
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Don't miss . . . a nice article by Gene Wang in Sunday's Washington Post about Lynetta Kizer, here.


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