Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Canes Not Able

The BCs arrived at McDonough Arena this evening with every intention of cheering for the Miami Hurricanes in their game against the Hoyas. We are, after all, ACC fans, and we don't much like the Hoyas in any event. We were anticipating a good game, and a rare opportunity to cheer for a Conference rival.

But frankly, the 'Canes didn't give us much to cheer about. You know how every now and then, a team has a game in which absolutely nothing goes right? Well, that's the game Miami had today. Open jump shots that never made it to the rim, turnovers, uncontested layups that caromed off the glass. For most of the game, the 'Canes simply

Miami's style of play is very similar to Georgetown's -- lots of pressing, a high-speed run & gun offense . . . not much post play. Today, the Hoyas did a much better job of executing their game plan, and did a much better job at maintaining their composure; as a result, they easily won, 71-46.

The 'Canes shot a breathtakingly low 21% today! The BCs are betting that won't happen again, particularly in the just-around-the-corner ACC season. In fact, we're certain that when the Terps play the 'Canes in Miami on January 12th, the 'Canes will look like a very different team. And you can be certain, on that night, the BCs won't be cheering for Miami.


At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a real shocker! Miami - next to the terps - leads in a large number of statistical ACC categories. Goes to show when one plays on the road sometimes. This will be a very interesting test in January against the terps. Next biggie - I believe - will be any matchup against Delaware with Delle Donne. Keep up the good work!!!


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