Sunday, March 27, 2011


Terps fans, if you haven't yet signed up for the Rebounders' 2nd Annual Mini-Golf Day on Saturday, May 14, 2011, what are you waiting fore for? If you participated in last year's inaugural event, you know what a great time is in store fore for you this year.

And if by chance you missed it last year, just check out our report, here. It was a marvelous day, fun fore for all . . . who doesn't like mini-golf? And the proceeds go to support the Maryland Women's Basketball program. Great!

Last year's event was such a resounding success that some of the Terp players were disappointed they were out-of-town, and missed it. This year, it's being held earlier, and the entire team is expected to show up. That should make it even more entertaining!

Click here for a link to the registration form. Then get out your putters and start practicing!

Photo Credit: DC BasketCases

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Worse News

Diandra T (aka "Frenchie") tore her ACL last night in the Georgetown game. What can we say?

Actually, there are several things the BasketCases would like to say . . . but children might be reading this.

Yesterday's Round 2 loss was bad, disappointing, depressing. But this news about Diandra is downright . . . HORRIBLE!

About all we can say (that children can read) is that we hope her upcoming repair surgery is a success and that she makes a full recovery, as quickly as possible.

Nous sommes désolés pour vous, Diandra.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If You Care Enough About the Terps to be reading this blog, then either you were at Comcast Center tonight for their NCAA 2nd Round game against Georgetown, or you watched it on ESPN2, or you streamed it on your computer. So there's really no need for us to revisit the play-by-play. Frankly, we would rather not revisit this one. Suffice it to say, tonight's game was a very disappointing end to Maryland's season.

Thanks to an almost-couldn't-miss first half by Georgetown and the team's disruptive press, plus a less than stellar offensive performance by Maryland, the Hoyas routed the Terps, 79-57, and Georgetown now moves on to the Sweet Sixteen. Congratulations, Georgetown. The Hoyas definitely own the local bragging rights for the 2010-2011 season.

For the Terps and their fans, this season is now in the books. When it started out -- way back last fall -- we didn't really know what to expect. Maryland was fielding one of the youngest teams in the nation . . . not a senior to be found, and a freshman class of 5 young prospects, plus a (soon to be crowd favorite) walk-on. As the season progressed, we soon learned we were in for a bumpy ride . . . full of ups and downs. That wasn't surprising with a team this young.

There were high points . . . notably the wins against Duke and Carolina. And there were low points . . . notably the losses to Boston College and Virginia, at home. But none was quite as low as tonight's loss. This one really meant something. The NCAA Tourney is a really special event. So it made losing -- the way the Terps did -- a particularly unfortunate way to end the year.

As fans, we're disappointed. But whatever we're feeling, we know the team and the coaches are feeling much worse. We care about them. So we wish that a season -- one that, for us fans, was more fun than not fun -- could've ended better, especially for their sakes.

But the good news is that everyone on the team will be back. (And, hopefully, Diandra T will have time for a full recovery from the knee injury she sustained tonight.) We can only hope and trust that the young Terps will have learned from all of their experiences this season, the highs and the lows.

And, as the saying goes: Every End is a New Beginning.

Go Terps . . . we can't wait for the 2011-12 season to begin!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


After missing the NCAA Tournament last season, the Terps today took their first spin around the Big Dance floor since March 2009. Maryland, seeded 4th in the Philadelphia Region, hosted the 13th-seeded Red Flash of St. Francis (PA) in the first game of two being played today at Comcast Center. The other NCAA 1st Round game, between 5th-seeded Georgetown and 12th-seeded Princeton, filled out the double-header. As Maryland fans, we can say that it was so much better to be there in person -- instead of watching on TV. ESPN2 does a great job, but there's really nothing quite like live, in-person action for NCAA Tournament post-season excitement.

Both games today unfolded in a pretty similar fashion. The lower seeded teams were overmatched by their higher seeded opponents . . . and the games were well over by half-time. In the Terps' game, Maryland took a 40-17 lead over the Red Flash into the locker room at the break, while the Hoyas were ahead of the Tigers after 20 minutes by a score of 34-14.

The second halves of both match-ups also shared certain similarities . . . the higher seeded teams couldn't quite keep their foot on the accelerator, while their opponents -- playing for pride (the gaps never got close enough for the higher seeds to worry about losing) -- battled back and left Comcast with an "L" but with their self-esteem intact. As a matter of fact, in both games, the losers actually outscored the higher seeded teams (Maryland by 1 point, and Georgetown by 4) in the second halves. Final scores: Maryland over St. Francis, 70-48, while Georgetown defeated Princeton, 65-49.

Alyssa Thomas, playing just 25 minutes (and thankfully, not because of foul trouble or injury), led all scorers today in the Maryland/St. Francis game, with 16 points (plus 2 really terrific assists). Diandra T and Anjale Barrett also finished in double figures, with 11 points each.

The not-unexpected victories today by both the Terps and the Hoyas set up a rematch on Tuesday night of the November 16th game between the same two teams at McDonough . . . which Georgetown won, 53-45.

The Terps and their fans will be looking for a very different outcome, of course, but it's not going to be easy. In the opinion of the BCs -- who stuck around this afternoon for the second game, and who also saw Georgetown host UConn a couple of weeks ago -- the Hoyas are playing far better on both the offensive and especially the defensive ends of the court than they were back in November. They're a super-quick, athletic team with a very effective full-court press that can lead to turnovers and easy baskets. The Maryland coaching staff and the entire team watched the Georgetown game today, with notepads, and undoubtedly know much more about this opponent than we do. We're sure they'll have plenty to talk about when they compare notes and plenty to focus on between now and Tuesday.

But Georgetown will also be facing a better Maryland team in March than they did in November, so the Hoyas, no doubt, are also thinking they've got work to do between now and Tuesday if they want to have any chance of sweeping the Terps this season.

Every game in the Big Dance has the potential to be exciting. But a #4/#5 rematch between two local teams, who played a close game in the regular season, with their local fans in attendance, and DMV bragging rights (once again) on the line . . . well, that just makes what already promises to be an exciting game even more interesting.

If you're a Maryland (or a Hoyas) fan, this is a don't miss game! We'll see you Tuesday . . . 7 PM at Comcast. One team will head to the Sweet Sixteen. One team's season will end.

Go Terps . . . Beat the Hoyas!

Monday, March 14, 2011

They're Coming!

The College Park NCAA 1st and 2nd round (4-team) Pod was announced tonight on ESPN's Selection Monday show. And here's who's coming to Comcast on Sunday:

1. The top-ranked team, weighing in as the #4-seed (yay!) in the Philadelphia Region (drumroll, please) . . . the Maryland Terrapins!

2. The Terps will face the Region's #13 seed, St. Francis (PA), winner of the NEC (NorthEast Conference) in the first game of round 1. (Tip-off time: Noon!)

3. The second game of Sunday's double-header pits another local team, the Georgetown Hoyas, who garnered the #5 seed in the region, against a BasketCases favorite:

4. The Princeton Tigers, winners of the Ivy League! Go Orange and Black! (As our long-time readers know, Princeton is the alma mater of BC Judith . . . who, we guarantee, will be layering her wardrobe on Sunday: Maryland Red for Game 1 and PU Orange for Game 2.) Hoyas v. Tigers game time: approximately 2:30 PM.

While we never, ever think it's a good idea to look past an opponent -- we're just saying that IF both higher-seeded teams advance on Sunday, that would lead to a re-match (this time at Comcast) between the Terps and the Hoyas on Tuesday night.

The Hoyas, as you recall, beat the Terps at McDonough early in the regular season. So this -- IF it happens -- would be a game with quite a bit of local interest (and bragging rights) on the line.

In case you're wondering what happens after College Park . . . well, the winner of the Comcast Pod meets the winner of the Storrs, Connecticut Pod. The top-ranked team in that foursome is some team from rural New England. The Hardies, the Hussies . . . some team beginning with an "H." Whatever. Whoever. IF the Terps advance . . . Bring 'em on!

But, the Sweet Sixteen . . . that's looking way too far ahead. For now, the Terps need to focus on the Red Flash of St. Francis. And, IF they take care of business, and IF the Hoyas advance as well, then it will be all about beating Georgetown.

Sunday . . . Sunday . . . Sunday! We'll see you then. Noon at Comcast!

Go Terps . . . Beat the Flash!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Selection Monday

Tomorrow evening, beginning at 7 PM on ESPN's Selection Monday show, the NCAA will reveal the names of the 64 teams selected to participate in this year's Big Dance. We'll learn not only which teams will round out the field, which already includes conference tournament winners, but we'll also learn the teams' seedings as well as where, among the 16 locations hosting the 1st and 2nd rounds, each team will be playing next weekend.

This year, there's no suspense about whether the Terps will make the Tournament field . . . they will. And there's even less suspense about where they will start their Tournament run. As Maryland fans know, the Terps are hosting rounds 1 and 2 in College Park, which means they will start play next Sunday, March 20th, at home in Comcast.

The big unknowns right now are where the Terps will be seeded, and which three other teams will be part of the College Park 4-team pod next weekend. Odds are good that the Terps will be seeded either 4th or 5th. If they do drop to a 5 seed, that increases the odds that a team seeded higher than Maryland will also be assigned to play at Comcast. For that team -- and all other higher-seeded teams having to play on the home court of a lower seed -- that's the downside (for them) of the NCAA's not holding the opening rounds on neutral courts. But for the NCAA (and this year, for the Terps), the upside is that there will be fans in the seats . . . including plenty wearing Maryland red.

If you aren't attending the Rebounders selection get-together with the team tomorrow evening, be sure you don't miss watching at home on ESPN at 7 PM. And, if you can't watch live, remember, you can follow the selections on

Friday, March 04, 2011

One and Done

Greensboro, N.C. . . . Maryland and Georgia Tech finished the ACC regular season with identical records, separated for tie-break purposes only by Kim Rodgers's buzzer-beater that won the game for the Terps at Tech.

And solely by virtue of that tie-breaker, Maryland earned a bye yesterday in Round 1 of the ACC Tourney here in Greensboro . . . while the Yellow Jackets did not. Instead, yesterday morning, GT faced Virginia Tech in an early game that quickly turned into a full-fledged rout. The Jackets barely worked up a sweat as they blew the Hokies out of the arena. So, despite playing that early round, their starters were well rested when GT took the court against the Terps at 11 AM this morning in the ACC quarterfinals.

Let's get right to the bottom line. The Terps lost, 64-70, and that early exit means their ACC season is now over.

It always makes us sad when the team we support and the young ladies who play for Maryland lose a game . . . particularly an important one like today's. But what makes us doubly sad is we left the arena feeling like the Terps had plenty of chances to win today.

In the early going, the game indeed looked like one between two teams that had been separated only by a tie-breaker. It was one of those back and forth battles; a one possession contest for most of the first half. Then GT pulled away late in the first period (though by single digits), only to see the Terps counter with a run (led by super frosh Alyssa Thomas) that wiped out the Jackets' lead and sent Maryland into the locker room at half-time with a one-point lead.

After the break, the Terps continued their strong performance. Thanks to a couple of big 3-pointers by Kimmie and additional scoring by other Maryland players, the Terps built an 11-point lead in less than 4 minutes of the second half. Too bad the game is 40 minutes and not 25.

After that early final-period run, the next 10 minutes or so were All-Tech. Maryland missed shots, turned the ball over, was called for fouls. As fans, we sat helpless watching the wheels come off . . . seeing GT wipe out the entire 11-point Maryland lead and then add 9 more. A 20-point swing in favor of the Jackets. The Terps players and coaches continued to work hard to close the gap. But Maryland never got closer than 4.

Congratulations to Georgia Tech. Early exit for Maryland.

We're glad there are no seniors on the Maryland team. We know the players are upset. We know they'll all be looking for a chance to redeem themselves next year. And we plan to be back to see them do it. This is a very young team. We're confident they'll learn from today's not-so-fun experience.

For now, we hope they'll put today behind them, and get ready for the NCAA Tournament. The Terps are hosting the first two rounds at Comcast, starting on March 20. We hope you have your tickets!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


There wasn't much suspense involved in the ACC's naming of Maryland super frosh Alyssa Thomas ROOKIE OF THE YEAR today, but that in no way diminishes the great and well-deserved honor that this is for Alyssa and the Maryland program.

Alyssa was also named this week to the All-ACC Second Team, the only freshman named to either the First or Second all-conference teams. Terps team leader Lynetta Kizer (a former ACC Rookie of the Year herself) joins Alyssa on the All-ACC Second Team. And naturally, Alyssa was named to the ACC's All Freshman Team.

Congratulations Alyssa and Lynetta!

Now, on to Greensboro!