Sunday, March 03, 2013

Feel Good Moments

Today's regular season finale between the Terps and Wake Forest at Comcast was full of feel good moments.  First and foremost, it was Senior Night, and Maryland's Senior Extraordinaire, Tianna Hawkins, left on a high note, notching the umpteenth double-double of her career, with 18 points and 11 boards. All the fans, her teammates, and her coaches felt really good that T-Hawk finished her last ACC game at Comcast the way she's played for four years . . . . simply great! 

The Terps' other departing Senior, volleyball-player-turned-basketball-player Caitlin Adams, entered today's game with about three minutes left, and brought the crowd to its feet -- cheering and shouting her name -- when she scored on two free throws.  Definitely a feel-good moment.

And how 'bout Sequoia Austin?  A career high 15 points (including the play of the game) and 2 beautiful assists. Plenty to feel good about there.  And then there was Maryland's All-American Alyssa Thomas . . .sporting her signature feel-good grin for most of this afternoon's 40 minutes.  Thomas-the-Terrific scored 16 points, grabbed 8 boards, and dished out 7 assists. Good reason to smile!  Alicia DeVaughn and Malina Howard were feeling good as well, as they too finished in double figures (14 and 13, respectively).  In fact, everyone played, and everyone scored as the Terps routed Wake Forest, 88-61.   The only discordant note was that Tierney Pfirman missed today's game . . . she was out sick.  We wish her the best and hope she gets well soon!

After the game, the Rebounders held a "social" with the team. Q & A, laughs, dancing (by the 3-ACLers and Sequoia . . . thankfully, not by the Rebounders), emotional goodbyes from T-Hawk and Caitlin and, as always, nice upbeat remarks from Coach B.   More (and more) feel good moments!

A great ending to the regular season, and a great way to send off the Terps as they (and plenty of their Red Sea of fans) head to Greensboro for the ACC Tournament, which starts this Thursday.

This may have been a season with way more than its share of adversity for Maryland's players and coaches.  But, despite all that, this team always played hard, fought through every obstacle, and never gave up.  If that's not something to feel good about, well, what is? These Terps never let the the problems define them. This was truly a feel-good season, and the BCs couldn't be more proud to be Maryland fans!  

Go Terps . . . Beat Whoever!Georgia Tech/Wake Forest, Friday, 6 PM!