Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Birthday to....Laurie Koehn....who is 24 today. It would be a nice birthday present for her (and an early gift for Alana Beard, who turns 24 tomorrow) if the Mystics get a win this evening over the Comets.

And here's hoping that Laurie came back from Wales a bit more well-rounded as a player. According to Linda Hargrove, when she asked Laurie last winter if she were "putting the ball on the floor," Laurie's reply was, "if they are not going to defend me, I'm going to shoot the three." Probably not the response Linda was hoping for.

(Speaking of Wales, there were a lot of folks posting on the Internet about Laurie's whereabouts during the off season who thought Wales is a part of England. Another sad commentary on American education.)



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