Thursday, June 29, 2006

C-Rob: Bringing a Veteran's Work Ethic. This week's Falls Church News-Press (who knew there was such a paper?) is running a very positive portrayal of Mystics defensive specialist Crystal Robinson --- a good read. C-Rob talks about how she has faith in Coach Richie's system:
She joined the team as a free agent at the request of head coach Richie Adubato, who coached Robinson with the Liberty for five and a half years.“I’m definitely one of the players who knows Richie’s system, and I’m just trying to help all the girls understand it,” said Robinson, 32. “It’s good and it works if you have faith in it. My career has been great playing for him, so I thought it was a win/win situation. "
The Mystics will certainly need C-Rob's defense later today against Tina Thompson and Sheryl Swoopes.

* * * * * *
Now would also be a good time to visit if you haven't checked it lately. This morning's featured article on the dot-com is about Nikki Teasley and her return home to Washington. (Mike Slane, author of the piece, is a little "accuracy-impaired" when it comes to the Mystics' playoff history, but otherwise, it's an article well worth reading.) And, while you're visiting dot-com, check out the feature on "community hero" Nakia Sanford who founded the Betty Anne Robertson Foundation (named for Kia's late grandmother) which sponsors a mentoring program for young adults.


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