Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ice Cream Sunday. At this evening's 6 PM game between the Mystics and the Connecticut Sun at the Phone Booth, the first 1,000 kids age 12 & under will receive free ice cream sundaes! Now, the BasketCases have one question: How is "age 12 & under" defined? Are we talking mental age . . . in which case, the BasketCases would definitely qualify; or are we talking chronological age, in which case, since we're baby boomers, we doubt that those handing out the freebies tonight would conclude that we are 12 & under.

Since we really love ice cream and certainly think of ourselves as kids (not to mention that we've frequently been accused of acting like children), the BasketCases are hoping that "age 12 & under" will be determined in the mind of the fan and we'll get to enjoy free ice cream tonight!

[In case that argument is less than persuasive, we would also like to remind the Phone Booth management that the D.C. Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of age by places of public accommodation. Now, can we have our free sundaes, please? Pretty please?]

Are the BasketCases the only ones who think it's slightly ironic that the Mystics are handing out free ice cream to kids on the same weekend that the WNBA's Be Fit Tour makes a stop in Washington?

* * * * * *
Reminder: Coach Brenda Frese and members of the 2006 National Champion Terps will be recognized at halftime of tonight's game and will sign autographs immediately after the break. (The BasketCases are wondering if they died and went to heaven . . . what could be better than the Mystics, the Terps, and free ice cream??)

* * * * * *
Question of the day: Will Coach Richie play Zane Teilane, even for a few minutes, against Margo Dydek? We'll know soon . . . Speaking of Dydek, friends in Chicago told the BasketCases that the Sky advertised their recent home game against the Sun by urging people to "come see the tallest woman in the WNBA." Now, we know that the Sky are desperately hurting for fannies in the seats, but the WNBA is not a freak show, and Margo Dydek is not an exhibit . . . she undoubtedly is tall, but she's also a very talented athlete and deserves to be respected. (What's next, Sky? . . . come see the most tatooed lady in the WNBA?) So the BasketCases hereby nominate the Sky's management for the P.T. Barnum Good Taste In Sports Advertising Award.


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