Monday, June 05, 2006

Comets Comments. The Mystics host the league-leading Houston Comets Tuesday at 7 PM. Mystics GM Linda Hargrove was kind enough to answer the BasketCases' questions about the upcoming game, as well as about another matter of major interest to Mystics fans:

BC: Without Tina Thompson in the line-up, the Mystics outplayed the Comets in their preseason game. What adjustments will be required in the Mystics’ game plan now that Tina is back playing?

LH: "Tina is an elite player and will make a big difference when she is on the court. Her versatility is what makes her so difficult to guard. She is a great competitor and her ability to post up, put the ball on the floor and shoot the deep 3 is always a big challenge. You can't help off any of their starters so individual defense will be a big key, if we are to be successful."

BC: The Comets dominated the Lynx last night and have now won 5 in a row for the best record in the league. Do they have any weaknesses that the Mystics can exploit?

LH: "I really don't see any weakness but Dawn will have to guard either Teasley or Beard and if we can successfully expose that mismatch we could have some success. So far this season our bench has been very good and we will try to wear their starters down a little. In the preseason game, however, Hodges and Williams, both played well for the Comets, and Lyttle is now logging some minutes."

BC: Since Saturday night, speculation’s been rampant that Pax is pregnant. Can you either confirm or deny these reports?

LH: "As much as fans want to think that Pax and I have this really close friendship, I really haven't been privy to any personal things going on in her ? life. It would be kind of fun to have some baby pandas running around the Verizon Center though."

The BasketCases again thank Linda for sharing her insights with our blog readers, including those in Latvia.


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