Monday, May 29, 2006

On this Memorial Day, as we remember and honor those who have courageously served our country, the BasketCases would like to vent about one of our pet peeves: the perversion of the National Anthem into the National Performance Piece. At the Mystics' game this past Saturday, the National Anthem was sung by four young women who were using an arrangement so unusual that the Anthem would hardly have been recognizable but for the words. Lately, our National Anthem is no longer sung by crowds at games and events, it's performed by celebrities and wannabees, some dressed in torn jeans and what used to be considered underwear, exhibiting their navels but little respect for what they are singing. There's hardly any patriotic feeling when you watch someone "perform" the Anthem; indeed, many Americans can't even remember the words, it's been so long since they last sang them. During the Sydney Olympics, we were struck by the spirit of the crowds singing the Australian National Anthem each time it was played. Why can't Americans follow the lead of the Australians and once again honor our country and honor those who have served our country by joining together and singing our own National Anthem?


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