Sunday, August 06, 2006

(Double)Overtime Is Not Our Time. The Mystics lost last night to the defending WNBA champion Monarchs in Sacramento in double overtime 99-95. The Mystics showed tremendous heart in clawing their way back into the game after Sacramento went up by as many as 17. But a tie was the best the Mystics could achieve in a game that left a foul-taste in the mouths of Mystics players, coaches and fans alike.

Four of the Mystics' starters fouled out along the way (a WNBA first, apparently) --- Teasley, Miller, Beard and Melvin, and DeLisha Milton-Jones barely hung on to finish the game with five fouls. Nakia Sanford was T'eed up during the 4th quarter. And while the Mystics' ranks were rapidly being depleted, interestingly, no Monarch was called for more than 4 personal fouls, despite the game going 50 minutes --- nor was Sacto Coach John Whisenant ever called for a technical, despite protesting calls so much that, according to the Sacramento Bee, his players and an assistant coach "took turns leading [him] away from the referees."

A total of 38 fouls were called on the Mystics, and only 22 on the Monarchs. Michael Price, No. 39, who ejected Alana from the Sting game last Sunday, was one of the officials. The BasketCases are certain that the gross disparity in fouls called last night was merely a coincidence. Richie Adubato told the press after the game that "Never in my life have I had four starters foul out in one game." Assuming the Sacramento Bee is correct that having four starters foul out is a WNBA first. . . Chalk up another infamous record for the Mystics.

Photo Credit: AP (Michael Price, Nakia Sanford, and Yolanda Griffith)

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Playoff Picture: After last night's loss, the Mystics' record is 16-15, with 3 games left to play. Again applying the BasketCases' higher mathematical skills (adding 3 to 16), we have concluded that the best the Mystics can do this season is finish 19-15. The Fever, however, already have 19 wins. This means that even if Indy loses all four of its remaining games (not likely since two of those games are against Chicago and New York), Indy would also finish 19-15. However, since the Fever hold the tie-break over the Mystics, last night's loss by DC has eliminated the chance that the Mystics could nip Indy for third place in the Eastern Conference. The Mystics will have to settle for fourth. (But, not to worry Mystics fans . . . just remember that the Terps were the lowest seeded team that made it to the Final Four this year, and they (not any of the higher seeds) brought home the Natty.)


At 9:14 PM, Blogger Taggart said...

I sure hope Mr. 39 isn't our ref in the playoffs.

We need to sick Mark Cuban on his a**. Or Shiela Johnson. :)


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