Thursday, August 31, 2006

Setting Records. About the most basketball related fun the BasketCases have ever had (before the Terps' magical Natty-winning season, that is!) was watching Kara Lawson during her senior year at West Springfield High School in Virginia. She was an amazing kid, someone with an abundance of talent, someone who pretty much won a game all by herself one winter's eve when just about all of the other starters on her team were injured or out with the flu. In game after game, we'd watch her pop threes like there was no tomorrow, and make spectacular passes (some so great her teammates simply were unprepared for them). We knew she was going places. And so it's been with a great deal of satisfaction and local Virginia pride that we've watched Kara develop into the pro that she has become. And since the Detroit Shock are the BasketCases' least favorite team in the WNBA, it was particularly sweet last night to watch Kara help the Monarchs blow them away in game one of the finals, 95-71. Kara nailed a blistering six of eight from behind the arc, breaking the record for the most three pointers in a WNBA final. And her 22 points were a big contribution to the Monarchs' total score, which was also a record high score for a WNBA final game. Go Kara! Go Sacto!


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