Friday, August 18, 2006

"Without A Trace." Unbeknownst to Mystics fans, CBS decided to film an episode of its hit series about missing persons tonight at the Phone Booth, during the Mystics' first playoff game against the Sun. Unfortunately, the missing person on this episode was Alana Beard, who pretty much disappeared at the very start of the game. While the FBI (whose headquarters is only two blocks away from the arena) went out on the hunt for the Mystics' missing star, the rest of the team tried its best to stay in the game. DeLisha Milton-Jones and Coco Miller in particular were largely responsible for making it a one-possession game late in the second half. However, you can't play 4 on 5 against a team as talented as Connecticut, and the result was a very disappointing 76-61 loss to the defending Eastern Conference Champs. The home crowd got the message to wear white, bangers were handed out, we were all loud and supportive, but it just wasn't enough.

The BasketCases and about 60 other Mystics fans will be traveling to the Reservation for Sunday's game. We hope that the FBI has found Alana by then.


At 2:56 AM, Blogger xwomynjoc said...

It's the spell Lindsey Whallen cast on Alana 3 years ago in the NCAA Tourny. Alana hasn't figured out how to free herself of that nasty thing, yet. I think she just gets too uptight trying to win and takes herself out of the game. We've seen her do this on a few other occasions. Just have some fun, Alana.

At 3:01 AM, Blogger xwomynjoc said...

Oops , I've also been taken over by a can't spell. (Whalen) Oh well. Have a good trip I'll be watching from home.

At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whalen is like kryptonite to AB. It was the 2004 Elite Eight all over again. Ah.. the (bad) memories.

At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Kayaker said...

What's with the attendance? I expected 4 or 5 thousand more to be there. This did not look like a playoff game. I will say the folks that did attend brought lots of energy. Unfortunately, that wasn't enought.

At 10:35 PM, Blogger LSUTigerFan said...

Can anyone affirm that the post game locker room was closed to media due to the fact that Alana Beard tore up the room?

I thought Adubato did a poor job of player management in this game.
ie...took Nakia Sanford out when she was playing out of her mind! Ditto with Coco Miller. Benched Beard for WAY too long.We all know Alana has a tendency to all of a sudden TURN IT ON and go off for 15-20 points in a hurry! Someone said he benched her because she did not call a time out when he asked her to... if so, a playoff game is not the time to teach a lesson.
Whatever the reason, I hope they can rectify the problem by Sunday!
Good Luck Mystics.

At 9:07 AM, Blogger waterloosunset said...

According to a 8/20 Washington Post article:

>>Beard took responsibility for her poor performance, but refuted an allegation she destroyed property in the locker room during a postgame tirade -- a claim made late Friday night by a team official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Beard said she kicked a bag of popcorn before sitting silently at her locker, which was confirmed by teammate Chasity Melvin.

"Alana didn't do anything in the locker room and I don't know where that story came from," Melvin said. "I was in there the whole time with Alana and no one said anything. We were angry, but nobody was throwing anything or acting crazy."

According to a team spokesman, the Mystics did not open their locker room to the media after Game 1 because players needed more than the 10-minute cooling off period mandated by the league. The players, including Beard, conducted postgame interviews outside the locker room.<<


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