Thursday, August 31, 2006

You Can Go Home Again. Although the WNBA season didn't end for the Mystics' Alana Beard and DeLisha Milton-Jones as they would have liked, they're both extending their summer season as members of the USA Women's Basketball Senior National Team, which will compete in the World Championships in Brazil in two weeks. Right now, the National Team is holding a training camp in Durham, North Carolina, which means a Duke homecoming for Alana, and a reunion with her college coach, Gail Goestenkors, an Assistant Coach on the National Team. Since Alana spent four years there, her USA teammates have been looking for her to be their local guide to the Durham nightlife. Alas, Alana had to confess that in all the years she was at Duke, she "never went out." Well, Alana, the BasketCases say: there's no time like the present!


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