Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tonight: Terps v. Mystic! Finally, at long last, tonight at 7 PM, Terps fans will be able to see the reigning National Champions in action against an opponent (on this continent) for the first time since Maryland won the Natty. Maryland's schedule has long shown the opponent in tonight's exhibition game as the "LTL All-Stars." Who????? Try as the BasketCases might, using all the powers of Google and even soliciting information on this blog (only to be told that the LTL All-Stars might be a corporate team from Lithuania -- well, okay, the first "L" could stand for that, but what about Latvia, home of the BasketCases' most loyal overseas readers?), we could not find out anything about them.

Thankfully, today's Diamondback clears up the mystery! According to the student paper, the LTL All-Stars are the "Lake Truck Travel Team" (wouldn't that make them the LTTT All-Stars?), "a group of former collegiate players that travels to play against different schools in the preseason."

Among the players on LTL is the Washington Mystics' own Nikki Blue!! Bluuuuuuue! (Now, Nikki, you need to know that while the BasketCases still love you, and though it pains us to root against anyone on the Mystics, it IS college season now and all bets are off!!) Other LTL players include former Terrapin Deedee Warley, and a familiar opponent, Brandi Teamer, a former All-ACC player from Virginia.


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