Sunday, February 25, 2007

"The Whole Thing Was Really Fun!" That's a direct quote from the BasketCases' 10-year-old niece, who got to watch Maryland defeat Boston College today, 76-60, from the first row behind the Terps' bench. That's not only a great view, it's a far better view than we had. Indeed, it seems we were destined not to see much of this game at all, despite the fact that it was being shown on TV.

Although Fox College Sports Atlantic (FCSA) was broadcasting the game from the very start at 3 PM, and indeed FCSA was showing this game in Maryland, for those of us who live in Virginia, FCSA instead gave us USC v. Stanford. This made the BasketCases wonder whether anyone at Fox Sports has looked at a map recently. See, California is nowhere near Virginia, or the Atlantic Ocean for that matter, while Virginia is pretty darn close to Maryland, and moreover is an ACC state that even borders on the Atlantic Ocean!

So without the FCSA broadcast, we had to wait until the Caps game that was being shown on Comcast Sports Net (CSN) finished up at 3:30. CSN then joined the Maryland game in progress (a game that was just too darn close at that point for our liking). However, pretty soon thereafter CSN starting losing its video . . . and then its audio . . . and then all we had was a silent black screen! So then we had to switch to ESPN, which was showing UNC at Duke, and watch the ticker at the bottom of the screen for the Maryland score. At least we got to see a pretty darn good game (and congrats to Duke for being the only team in ACC history to finish the regular season undefeated).

Back to the Maryland game . . . By winning today, the Terps finish third in the ACC, as they did last season, and secure a first round bye in the ACC Tournament, as they did last season. What happens next weekend in Greensboro . . . well, here's hoping that like last season, there's another upset in the works.

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Note: while we were drafting this blog, one of our loyal readers put up a comment on the post below noting that she'd had the same problems watching the game that we'd had, except that, as it turns out, FCSA didn't even show the Maryland game in Maryland as had previously been announced. This makes us really wonder what that "A"in FCSA stands for after all!


At 11:03 PM, Blogger Joey Nations said...

it stands for Assinine

I hope CSN makes it up to us and replays this game.

At 12:33 PM, Blogger hodie said...

Fox not showing the Maryland game in Maryland, DC, or Virginia was just stupid, but I'm guessing the loss of the game on CSN was likely a weather-related satellite thing.

I'd be beyond happy if they'd replay it -- I sent a polite request to I don't imagine it would hurt if a bunch of people did the same?


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