Friday, July 20, 2007

Not Again!!! Can't the BasketCases' favorite teams learn to win in regulation?? We are getting too old for this heart-stopping drama. For the second time in two meetings, the Mystics and the Lynx went to overtime!

To get to OT, the Mystics once again needed a fourth quarter surge (sound familiar?) to overcome their less-than-stellar first three quarters. In fact, the Mystics, who only scored 25 points in the entire first half, managed to overcome the hole they'd dug for themselves by scoring 30 points in the final period! But even that required a little help from the Lynx. With the Mystics down by 3 points and only 2.4 seconds left in regulation, the Lynx fouled Tamara James as she was shooting from outside the arc. [Rule Number One: never foul the 3-point shooter!] Fortunately for the Mystics, the diva delivered (as we all know, divas never sweat), nailing all 3 of her free throws, to send the game into overtime, where the Mystics won, 91-87.

Seimone Augustus had a phenomenal offensive night against the Mystics, scoring a career-high 33 points in 34 minutes, but left in the fourth quarter due to an injury and did not play any of the overtime period.

DeLisha Milton-Jones's 17 points tonight put her over the 3,000 mark for career points, a tremendous accomplishment. Congratulations to All Star DeLisha Milton-Jones!


At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Stewart said...

I'm happy we got the win, but I'll say this... don't expect us to fall behind to Seattle, Detroit and Indiana (our next three opponents) like that and come out on top. I saw the stats and, other than the free-throw disparity, we really should have lost tonight. Yikes! I'm too old for this!


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