Wednesday, July 18, 2007

There's an Old Saying in Show Biz . . . .

. . . never share the stage with animals or children. Well, the Mystics tempted fate today by doing both! This morning, in what was the first game back for both teams following the All Star break, the Mystics and the Comets tipped off at 11:30am for the Mystics' annual "Camp Day" contest. Kids in the stands and flying dogs at halftime!

Little time to practice (but plenty of time to party) over the break appeared to have exacted its toll on both teams. Neither looked sharp; both teams looked quite sluggish. As a matter of fact, it seemed that each team only had about one good quarter of basketball in them . . . the first quarter for Houston and the fourth quarter (what else?) for DC. [If the Mystics win the championship this year, the BasketCases think Tree should title his book Overtime Is Our Time Fourth Quarter Is Our Quarter.]

The Mystics fell behind by 14 at the half (36-22), heading to the locker room with more turnovers than field goals. That's usually not a good sign. Frankly, we tried our best to enjoy the dogs' performance, thinking it might be the highlight of the afternoon. But fortunately, that did not turn out to be the case. Helped enormously by Houston's almost complete disappearance in the fourth quarter (a period in which the Comets scored only 7 points to the Mystics' 24!), the Mystics managed to make up the halftime deficit and then some, winning 65-58. It wasn't pretty, but it was a win. So, the Mystics' winning streak is now up to a respectable 3 games and their fans can keep smiling.

Three Mystics players ended up in double figures. Dukies Monique Currie and Alana Beard each had 16 points. Mo recorded a double-double, as did DeLisha Milton-Jones, who matched Mo's rebounds (11 each) and also scored 11 points. The BasketCases prefer not to whine about refs too much, so our only comment about the officiating of today's matinee was that it was both interesting and creative.

Moving on . . . also playing in a midday game today, Chicago lost a close one to Indy, 75-74, slipping to 8-13. By winning today, the Mystics are now at 8-12, ahead of Chicago and, most important, out of the Eastern Conference cellar for the first time this season!

The kids all came color-coded -- like this Rainbow-colored group. And because 13,000 or so little kids don't make enough noise on their own, they were given "flip drums" at they entered.

A Green Group

One young lady in A Red Group found the noise to be deafening even before the game began.

A couple of free agents from A Yellow Group

Another Green Group . . . with backpacks!

Of course, former Mystic, Latasha "Tot" Byears, came color-coded as well.

Photo Credits: DC BasketCases


At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Stewart said...

I'm still trying to recover my hearing after sitting with all those screaming kids! Yikes!

I was there. I saw it. I still can't believe we won today. Although, I have to say that I may have impacted the game somewhat. A friend of mine invited me to sit with her behind the Mystics bench. After three quarters, I decided to move back to my assigned seat. Let's see... Mystics outscore Houston, 24-7, in the fourth. Coincidence? I think not!

At 10:33 PM, Anonymous C&OSpence said...

And apparently the screaming kids got free RATTLES, too!

Good win. I listened to most of it, and heard the game-capping rally on the way to pick up my own kid from summer camp. Nice to hear the game called by Christy Winters (Scott?), who was an assistant coach under Jim Lewis at GMU when I was a grad student there. She did a really nice job, though at a couple junctures it wasn't totally clear what was going on - at those times it was as though CW(S?) was calling the action more for TV, a medium she also works in. But overall a great broadcast.

The 'Stics seem to be moving up and out of the Candace Parker Sweepstakes. Might as well make the playoffs, then... as long as breaking the Odd-Year Jinx doesn't mess up their karma for '08.

At 11:19 PM, Anonymous srballer25 said...

Wasn't Christy Winters a assistant at Maryland where she was a player??? Remember seeing her on the bench. hof there??? It is obvious that she knows the game extremely well. Energetic call of the games!Better each time! Hope the Stics continue to use her!!! Good to hear a woman calling the games. Good for her!!!

Looks like the Lynx will win the Parker Sweepstakes! Wow, CP, LH, SA! Scary thought for 08!!!


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