Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Waiting Game.

The only thing for a basketball player that is more difficult than coming in as a college freshman . . . having to work harder than ever before, having to prove yourself all over again and having to fight for every minute of playing time . . . has to be coming in as a college freshman and suffering a season-ending injury (before the season even starts!), so that you suddenly find yourself on the sidelines, watching the game you love, waiting, with no actual chance to compete.

The BasketCases have already mentioned how excited we are about Maryland's three healthy freshmen, Drey Mingo, Marah Strickland and Kat Lyons. But the Terps have two more outstanding freshmen talents, who, unfortunately, find themselves in exactly that difficult situation, Kim Rodgers and Anjalé Barrett. Both 5'9"guards are redshirting this season as a result of ACL injuries.

At the moment, they have veteran company on the sidelines. Senior Sa'de Wiley-Gatewood continues to be plagued by leg problems that predate her arrival at Maryland; she underwent surgery last April, but, despite intensive rehab in the off-season, is not yet cleared to play.

But make no mistake. Kim, Anjalé and Sa'de, though sidelined, are very much part of this season's Terrapins. You can see them at practices, at team meetings, and at games. They are all working hard to get healthy; they are learning the team's offensive and defensive schemes; but mostly they are waiting.

And when it comes to waiting, they have an excellent role model in Emery Wallace, a Red-shirt Freshman in her 2nd season with the Terps, who suffered not one, but two major knee injuries last season. Emery stayed remarkably positive throughout her ordeal, rehabbed intensely and, we're pleased to report, is now actually back in uniform and able to play. It may take her some time to get back to pre-injury form, but if anybody can do it, we believe Emery can!

On Friday, the season begins in earnest when Princeton comes to Comcast, and we won't be hearing those sidelined players' names mentioned much after that. So the BasketCases want to give a big shout-out to three VITs (Very Important Terps), Sa'de, Kim and Anjalé, who face possibly the toughest job of all this season, waiting. To them . . . we say remember, as poet John Milton wrote, "They also serve who only stand and wait." (And if you think we're quoting 17th century poetry just because the Ivy Leaguers are on their way to town, then you know us pretty well!)


At 7:32 PM, Blogger Kris said...

Any word on when we might be getting Gatewood back?

See you Friday at the game...


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