Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Mystics introduced a new feature this week on their website -- Pass the Ball: Mystics Front Office Blog. Each day a different member of the Mystics' management team blogs about what he or she is thinking or doing. Mondays belong to GM Linda Hargrove, Tuesdays to Coach Tree Rollins, Wednesdays to Mystics President Sheila Johnson, Thursdays to new Chief Operating Officer Greg Bibb, and each Friday a different member of the Mystics staff gets a chance to blog.

The BasketCases have enjoyed reading these daily blogs . . . all in all, they're pretty good . . . for newbies! For example, today, new COO Greg Bibb blogs about his new baby, his new mantra, the lottery. Good stuff! (But for some reason, he never mentions his sisters, Coco and Kelly . . . maybe next week.) However, rookies sometimes do make mistakes, and how are they going to improve if you don't point them out? Here's an excerpt from Greg's blog:

Links I Like

You can tell a lot about someone by the Internet sites he
or she enjoys. Here are a few of mine: (Surprised?)

Now, loyal readers, obviously the BasketCases are not the only ones who noticed a certain glaring omission from Greg's list of links!

Speaking of Missing Links . . . we also learned from Greg's blog that the Mystics will be linking up with the Terps on Halloween when Team USA kicks off its 8-game college tour. The Mystics will have a marketing table on the concourse at Comcast, and, according to Greg, "If you are one of the first 75 people to say hello, we’ll give you a ticket for a post-game player autograph session." Well, not that you really needed another reason to attend the game . . . but good news all the same! And don't forget to wear your Halloween costume! We're ready!

The Mystics Front Office will be blogging every day, so make sure you check in frequently -- add the link to your favorites -- how else will you know if they learn anything from their rookie mistakes? LOL.


At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'd love to see the game against the Terps, but can't miss giving children sugar highs. We're bummed that if we were able to attend we could renew our season tickets at the game and get a free jersey. No fair!


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