Sunday, August 03, 2008

From the BasketCases' Mailbag
Petey on Mt. Evans

Today we heard from one loyal reader (and Mystics fan!) who had this to say:
Dear BCs,

Like you, I am also using the WNBA Olympic break to take some time off from basketball and enjoy a little R&R. I'm out in Colorado and I just finished hiking to the summit of Mt. Evans . . .14,264 feet! Higher even than Pikes Peak. The views were amazing! But perhaps more amazing than the views was learning that at 14,000+ feet, an unopened bag of Doritos self-inflates until it looks like a helium balloon! Hope you're also enjoying your "intermission."

Best, Petey
Wow! Who knew that about high-altitude snackfood? That is amazing! We thank Petey for checking in with us and hope he'll keep us informed about any of his other amazing break-time adventures.

Photo Credit: Traveling Panda Photos, Inc.


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