Sunday, November 16, 2008

No Plague! Count us relieved.

After unexpectedly falling victim to Frogs in Texas on Friday, the Terps returned to Comcast to find a team named after swarming, stinging insects on their schedule for the home opener. And it occurred to us that if Delaware State beat the Terps this afternoon, there could be one and one explanation only: Maryland was being visited by the 10 Plagues of Egypt! Frogs, stinging insects . . . plus that meant we still had boils, lice, fire & hail (not to mention pestilence!) to look forward to. Yuck!

Thankfully, it didn't happen. The Hornets of Delaware State were never even close to threatening the Terps, as Maryland recorded its first win of the 2008-09 season, 73-46.

But that's not saying that this was exactly a dominating performance by Maryland. It's clear that this year's team is still getting used to playing together and is still a work-in-progress. Which should hardly be a surprise, given the brand-new-mix on the court resulting from the loss of key players to graduation, the return of injured players, and the influx of freshman. If this weekend was any indication, the ride is going to be a little bumpy for the Terps and their fans -- but what talent there is out there on the court!

For example, after Kristi Toliver picked up two quick fouls to start the game, Anjale Barrett -- forced to redshirt last year due to a knee injury -- saw significant minutes running the point. She displayed impressive ball handling skills, gained valuable experience running the offense, pushed the ball up the court and finished the day with 5 assists and only 1 turnover. Meanwhile, both new frontcourt starters also contributed to the winning effort. Dee Liles, possibly the most athletic player on this year's roster, recorded her first double-double (11 pts & 12 rbs), and Lynetta Kizer added 13 points while providing considerable vocal encouragement to her teammates throughout the contest.

So, obviously, "no plague" wasn't the only positive we took away from today's game. There were other positives too . . . not the least of which was the first Rebounders post-game social of the year! But as much as we loved mingling with the players, their families, the coaching staff (and the other Rebounders), the most important thing we took away from today's game was of a more tangible nature . . . Refrigerator Magnet Schedules!

No boils, no lice, no pestilence, a Maryland win and Refrigerator Magnets! Life is Good.


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