Thursday, January 15, 2009

Operator: "Basketball-to-Go, how may I help you?"

Caller: "I'd like to order one ACC win."

Operator: "Is this eat-in or take-out?"

Caller: "Carry-out, please."

Operator: "We're having a special tonight. If you select from the bottom half of the menu, for no extra charge, you get double the usual 3-point misses and an extra order of rebounds."

Caller: "Sounds good. I'll take the Clemson Combo to-go."

* * * * * *
Even watching a grainy webcast, it was pretty easy to see that this evening's game against the Clemson Tigers wasn't one of Maryland's best efforts. But despite that, the Terps added another conference win to their record, 65-56.

The nerves, the intensity, the energy, the hustle . . . in other words, all the excitement that marked Monday's game in Durham, seemed to be lacking in this evening's contest. Instead, tonight's matchup had the feel of one of those games where a more talented team phones one in against a lesser opponent. To say the game lacked pace is an understatement. Several minutes into the second half, one of the webcast announcers remarked, "This game is moving at the pace of a snail." That about sums it up.

Marissa Coleman led the Terps with 19 points, including a 3-pointer with just under a minute left, which extended the Terps' margin to 7 points and effectively slammed the door on Clemson's efforts to pull a come-from-behind upset. Two other Maryland players, Lynetta Kizer (15 pts) and Kristi Toliver (11 pts), also finished in double figures.

Following this two-game roadtrip, the Terps return to Comcast on Sunday to take on the Virginia Tech Hokies at 4 PM. (By the way, we apologize to any readers who may have missed the first portion of tonight's webcast due to the incorrect game time in yesterday's post. For the record, the start time we reported was contained in the pre-game feature yesterday on the Terps' web site [since corrected]. We suspect, however, that those of us who tuned in late didn't really miss very much.)


At 9:06 AM, Blogger JPNtheHUN said...

I can't decide if it's really funny or horribly depressing that the radio folk (while watching ACC Select) don't seem to know their mics are always on. And Drey being called Wingo all night was just annoying.

Do we have any idea just why the picture was so bad? Is this normal?

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The funniest (or saddest) thing they said while not realizing we could hear was when the she announcer said something about taking advantage of home court and the fans cheering them on and the he announcer said "both of them?"....OUCH!

BTW, does anyone know if Under The Shell will be running on TV again this usually starts by now. Thanks for the info and the awesome blog!


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