Saturday, March 21, 2009

The last time the Terps played was March 8th (when they won the ACC Tournament), so we weren't the least bit surprised to learn from this morning's Washington Times that they are getting a bit tired of waiting. (So are we! Two weeks is a long time to go without a basketball fix!) Fortunately, the wait is almost over. Maryland plays its first round NCAA Tourney game tomorrow, Sunday, at 2:30 PM against Dartmouth, at Comcast Center (North). That game will be preceded by a 12 noon match between two "offensive" powerhouses Villanova and Utah (just kidding . . . these are teams whose average scoring is in the mid-50s and low 60s, respectively).

But for those who can't wait till tomorrow for their baskeball fix, there are first round Tourney games today at other venues that you can watch on ESPN2's whiplash whip-around coverage starting at noon.

If you live in the home-protected market of one of the teams, you will get to see a game in its entirety. But if not, these whip-around broadcasts are great, particularly if you suffer from attention deficit disorder . . . you'll be treated to a few minutes of a game here or a snippet of another there before the producers decide to fling you off to another arena. [By showing at least 30 seconds of each game, ESPN gets to claim that it's televising every game of the Tournament!]

Of course, if you're not suffering from ADD, but are suffering from basketball withdrawal, a better option would be to head on over to Comcast today for the (free!) open practices of the four teams that will be competing tomorrow. The open practices start at noon. Villanova is up first, followed approximately an hour later by Utah, then Maryand, and then Dartmouth. That schedule is here. See you there -- or tomorrow for sure!

Go Terps! Beat Dartmouth!


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