Saturday, June 13, 2009

If You Don't Play . . . You Can't Win Lose

That's good advice, particularly if you're hanging out at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Yesterday morning, there were three undefeated teams left in the WNBA; this morning (Saturday) there's only one . . . our very own Washington Mystics!

Last night, the other two previously undefeated teams each picked up their first "L" of the young season. The Minnesota Lynx lost to the Seattle Storm, 88-71, and the Phoenix Locks were picked by the Sacramento Monarchs, 90-71. Which leaves the Mystics all alone on the list of undefeateds. (And the BasketCases are feeling so confident about our re-tooled Mystics team that we'd bet the house the Mystics will hold onto that honor at least until Friday!)

As for last night's games, one former Terp helped her team earn a "W" and in the process knock off one of those two formerly undefeated teams. Laura Harper, who started at Center for Sacramento, finished with 12 points and 8 boards in the victory over Phoenix. In another game yesterday -- not involving any undefeated teams -- we had the pleasure of watching (on NBA TV) another former Terp, Kristi Toliver, and her teammates on the Chicago Sky, defeat Atlanta, 81-73, in Chicago's home opener.

Meanwhile, back in the DMV . . .

The idle Mystics were busy going to the dogs. At least a couple of the Doggie-Mamas were! While other teams were playing, Marissa Coleman and Tasha Humphrey used their off day to attend to some needed dog grooming. It was bath day for Riss's Jack Russell terrier, Boston (top photo) and Tasha's pup KG (bottom, and in the bottom right corner of Boston's photo . . . please, me next, me next!). As Riss reported on Twitter, neither pooch particularly enjoyed the experience. "Boston hate[d] it!" Being former Doggie-Mamas ourselves, we suspect both pooches were wishing their Mamas had been off on a road trip yesterday.

Also from Twitter, we learn that the new-look Mystics may indeed be sporting a new look next time we see them. Apparently not everyone spent their off day grooming their dogs. Some players apparently spent time on a certain people-grooming activity. AB tweeted yesterday that "Moms taking out the braids" and later, ". . . got the bush going on!" And this morning Mo Currie reports tweets, she "think[s] the Mystics have moved into first place for most weaves on a team!"

We know what you're thinking . . .only 3 days since the Mystics' last game and the BasketCases are already reduced to blogging about doggie baths and hair-weaves? Pretty pathetic, huh? We agree. But what else do we have to write about (and still 5 more days before the Mystics play another game!)? That question was rhetorical, but we'll answer it anyway: if there's anything worth sharing . . . you (our loyal readers) will be the first to know.

Oh, there is something! Mike Fratto of the Washington Times just this week launched a new Mystics blog. It's called "Post-Up" and you can find the link here.

After that bit of real news, the BasketCases need to sign off . . . we're already running late for our weave appointments.

Photo Credits: DC BasketCases (Krazy Kop slots); Marissa Coleman (Boston and KG, via TwitPic)


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