Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sea World, Part I

This being the time of year when everybody loves making lists, the BasketCases (not to be outdone) have decided to report on tonight's game in list format. Here goes . . .

1. We really liked the sea-theme of this year's Terrapin Classic. The idea of only inviting teams (Turtles, Seawolves & Seahawks) with a connection to the liquid part of our planet was very cool.

2. We didn't have to shovel out our car before the game.

3. The halftime entertainment was great. Those Wheaton Twirlers were FAB-U-LOUS!

4. The Terps won, beating the Stony Brook Seawolves, 76-44.

5. Four Maryland players finished in double figures: Diandra (game high 17 points), Lori (16 pts), Jackie (15 pts -- a career high!), and Lynetta (13 pts, plus 10 rbs).

6. Tianna ("T-Hawk") grabbed glass-cleaning honors with 13, helping the Terps outrebound their smaller opponent, 55-36.

7. Maryland helped keep the game short (under 2 hours) . . . very much appreciated by those of us who have to get back to work tomorrow morning. The Terps did this by missing most of their second half free throws. When the other team doesn't have to take the ball out of bounds after a made FT, it really speeds things up!

8. Kristi Toliver was in the house!

9. Marissa Coleman was in the house!

10. Did we mention how much we enjoyed the Twirlers?

Tomorrow, if you don't have to go to work and want to sea see some more basketball (but not the Terps), the Sea-teams are playing each other at 4 PM. But if you want to sea see the Terps play (and we do!), then you have to wait until Tuesday evening at 7 PM, when they take on the Seahawks of UNC-Wilmington in the finale of this year's Terrapin Classic.


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