Sunday, January 17, 2010

Game Day: Terps at Tarheels, 5:30 PM

No Need to Remind the Rebounders. A busload of those Maryland boosters is leaving College Park right about now. Destination: Chapel Hill.

But for those Terps fans left behind (which unfortunately includes the BasketCases) . . . fortunately, the game is being shown on the Regional Sports Network (Comcast SportsNet in our local area), so we can still catch all the action.

There's also no need to remind anyone that this -- the only meeting of the regular season -- between Maryland and #10/11 ranked UNC is a BIG and important match-up!

Go Terps! Beat the 'Heels!

Photo credit: DC BasketCases


At 10:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in New York and can't find a listing for the game (but somehow the damn Texas A&M game is showing at the same time). Does anyone know of a listing or am I consigned to streaming the game onto the TV from the computer (which is admittedly better than nothing)?

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure but maybe it's playing on ACC Select for a fee??

Good luck to the Terps! Looking forward to seeing a competitive game (unlike all UCONN games). Will be a tough game especially since UNC is coming off a defeat at VA Tech. Hit those free throws Terps!

At 12:53 PM, Blogger BasketCases said...

To Anonymous in NY: the game is only being broadcast on a Regional Sports Network; if it's not showing on your Comcast SportsNet or a Fox Sports channel, you may be out of the broadcast area.

To Anonymous immediately above: there is no ACC Select this season. As we reported in an earlier post, any web casts are up to the home team. (Today, as best we can tell, Carolina will only be providing an audio feed. Hope we're wrong for those who don't get the TV broadcast.)

-- BC

At 8:28 PM, Blogger terapin Ed said...

Thanks for the blog, been a huge fan of the team since they wont the Nat Champ 5 years ago. Unfortunately I live in Tampa so I dont get to see alot of games. This was the 2nd time I saw this team on TV this year. This is a very young team and I see alot of Freshman mistakes. Heres my review of the players from my pespective.
Diondra-Freshman with alot of talent. She has to work on freethrows and travelling. Thats all she should be doing during practice because those 2 areas are really holding her back.
Lynetta- could be a future WNBA pick. Great player, just needs more consistent performances. Gotta watch those fouls to insure being able to play alot of minutes.
lori-keep shooting those 3's. Great asset, showing some senior leadership on the court even though its the 1st year with the team.
Tianna-very impressed with this freshman.
Kim-great veteran guard to come off the bench to give the team a spark.keep shooting.
Dara-Alot of potential, just really needs to watch the turnovers. She will improve as the season goes on.
Anjali-another veteran guard spark off the bench. keep shooting
Jackie-not real impressed, needs work.
Essence, seeing only 2 games, I not sure she got into either game I saw. Looks like a project since not getting the minutes.
Yemi-Another project. She actually needs more minutes so she isn't nervously shooting the few times shes open on offence.

Bottom line is I really like this team. The only problem if lots and lots of Freshman mistakes, espicially Diandra and Dara. I think by the end of this season, there will be very few freshman mistakes because Diandra, Tianna and Dara are getting lots of minutes. By the end of the season with all these minutes they are getting, they will be veterans. I predict 5th place ACC with an NCAA invite to the dance. They will be a much stronger team by the end of the year due to the Freshman getting so much expereience.

Ed in Tampa


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