Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Invitation From Ted

It's not often that the Chairman of a major sports empire invites the fans over for a chat. But ever since Ted Leonsis and his partners (already the owners of the Mystics and the Caps) took over full ownership last week of the Wizards and the Verizon Center, Ted's been making himself even more accessible to fans than he already has been.

Last night, Ted held a meeting with Wizards fans, and he's now invited Mystics fans over to the Phone Booth for a "Town Hall Meeting" this Thursday at 7 PM to respond to fans' questions and comments. Ted has famously said that he does not consider the Mystics to be a stepchild to the Wizards any more than he loves his daughter less then he loves his son, and we believe that's true.

So if you're a Mystics fan and you have some questions or suggestions for Ted, RSVP for the Town Hall Meeting here, and head on over to the Phone Booth on Thursday evening. Apparently, no issue will be too small to discuss -- Wizards fans have already suggested to Ted that the mustard and ketchup containers at the Verizon Center be refilled! (Hmm . . . our wish list would include fixing the latches on the stalls in the women's rooms so the doors stay closed!)

While we don't minimize the importance of condiments (or bathroom doors), what we're really looking forward to hearing more about is Ted's (and Sheila's) vision for the Mystics and how the Mystics now relate to their brother-teams, the Wizards and the Caps. See you Thursday!

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At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Amy said...

But, see, that's good stuff - because how's he going to know there's a problem with the latches on the ladies room doors otherwise?

I'd be interested to know what he thinks about the 11 player roster and having to play shorthanded all year because of Beard's injury. Also, how much input team owners get into decisions the league makes.

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous Stewart said...

Having been a long-time Caps fans, you all are going to LOVE what Ted brings to the table, and how accessible he is. Believe me, the Mystics stand to benefit greatly from his leadership.

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't make the meeting but I hope someone brings up increasing media coverage for the Mystics. Mr. Leonsis may not control the media outlets, but he does control a lot content through the Caps and Wizards. He can push for better treatment of the Mystics. The media builds audience through coverage, even though they often claim otherwise.
S. Robinson,
One of a number of Mystic's Founding Fans :)

At 4:55 PM, Blogger BasketCases said...

Dear Stewart,

Ted, Sheila, and their partners have owned the Mystics for the past five years. We already know what great owners they are! :-)

-- BC

At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I won't be able to make the meeting, so I look forward to reading the BC's full report on the meeting. :o)
-- Monica

At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I could make it to meeting.

With NY adding a jersey sponsor, I wonder how long it will be until DC does the same. As a traditionalist... I don't like it, but know the business end of it. I hope that Exon/Mobil never finds its way onto Mystics jersey. Owners have to understand how that plays with LGBT fan base. Ted and Shelia... please check HRC Corporate Ratings before taking on any sponsorships!!!

-Susan a.k.a. "basketball head"

At 1:12 AM, Anonymous nsw43 said...

I can't make the meeting either but second S. Robinson's comment about media coverage. In particular, the Post needs to give the Mystics the coverage they deserve, particularly front of Sports section stories.

There are so many positives about the Mystics these days - the calibre of coaches and players, the exciting brand of b-ball the team plays, the improved marketing and customer relations - that it seems petty to carp about things like Mystics merchandise selection, but this stuff builds brand awareness and loyalty. There just isn't much branded Mystics merchandise to buy. There isn't even a Nakia t-shirt and she's a fan favorite. I hope Ted takes a look at all of that and makes some upgrades.

At 6:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

10 games on Comcast was a great start to more media coverage.

At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a young guy, I can't say I object to the raunchy nature of the Wizards Dance Team. However, I can definitely get behind making them a more traditional, family-oriented squad. My mother, to be frank, hates them. I think cleaning up their act would be a small but meaningful step toward filling the Phone Booth with families. After all, kids are a big part of any franchise's fan base. I owned more Wizards merchandise at 12 than any adult fan I knew!

At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Concast has been great with 10 games, but most of them are home games. What we need is Comcast coverage of all away games.

At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Cathy W said...

FYI- the town hall meeting invite was also sent to Caps fans as I got the invite twice--once from the Caps and once from the Mystics.

At 7:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will take any games on tv. It's a start.

At 7:30 AM, Anonymous Stewart said...

BCs, my point was with Ted being more actively involved, you're going to see even greater things, not just on the court, but off, too.

At 7:57 AM, Blogger James said...

Interesting about the ladies room...my wife wanted our son to pull you aside at the event you hosted on Monday evening to mention the lack of hot water in the ladies room (this would be the one near section 104).


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