Friday, July 30, 2010

"A Special Guest" at Sunday's Game!

If you're on the Mystics' email list (and if you care enough to read this blog, you ought to be!), then you already know that late this afternoon, the Mystics announced there will be "a special guest" at Sunday's 4 PM game against Tulsa . . . someone for whom "additional security measures" will be taken. Additional security measures? Hmmm, who might that be?

We really don't know for sure (no "inside" information . . . trust us), but we do know that in the early years of the franchise, Attorney General Janet Reno and HHS Secretary Donna Shalala were frequently in attendance, and no special announcements were made nor were any "additional security measures" taken (they were accompanied by their usual security details). So we are guessing that Sunday's "special guest" ranks higher than a cabinet member. A lot higher.

Could it be that -- for the first time in franchise history -- a sitting President (POTUS as he's called here inside the Beltway) and/or members of his family (or perhaps the Vice President) --will be on hand in the Phone Booth for a Mystics game?

We're betting that it will be one of those folks (or perhaps Marion Jones's parole officer).

Doors will open early, at 2:30 PM, when all will be revealed. Of course, it may leak out before then . . . after all, this is Washington, DC.


At 1:10 PM, Blogger Daph said...

I have to say, Ladies, if it is POTUS who's coming to the game, it's being kept under very tight wraps, indeed. I checked his public schedule today on and it's showing no public appearances for the entire week. Reports on Mrs. Obama's activities are also showing nothing for this entire week, so I'm wondering...

At 1:19 PM, Blogger BasketCases said...

Dear Daph,

We don't think that a b-ball game, though it takes place "in" public, is what the White House considers to be a "public appearance." If you look at that same White House web site for the President's July 30 schedule, you won't find his visit to the Spy Musuem listed there, but he, Michelle, and Sasha were there that evening. The Wash Post even published a picture.

Our bet is still on POTUS or someone else whose last name is Obama. :-)

-- BC

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Everett W. said...

The president's previous appearances at local sporting events (GW, GU, Wizards, Nats) have not been announced by the White House ahead of time.

The fact that so much extra security is needed though gives away the planned appearance of POTUS, FLOTUS or both.


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