Tuesday, November 02, 2010

First Impressions

When we walked through the tunnel into the Comcast Center arena for the first time since last season, the BasketCases experienced an emotion we haven't associated with basketball for the past month . . . happiness. What a relief to have some Terps basketball to watch! It may only have been an exhibition game against another local DC area university, Gallaudet, but we really enjoyed ourselves.

Many of our fellow Terps fans have already had the opportunity to see and meet the 2010-11 Maryland team up close and personal at Rebounders open practices. However, the BCs' travel schedule in October kept us from attending those always enjoyable events, so tonight was our first look at this season's team.

And what was our first impression? What a fun, energetic, and talented bunch of new and not-quite-new kids young ladies! With 6 freshmen, there were plenty of new faces. And though we knew the names (and résumés) of all of them, it took us a few minutes (and a printed roster) to begin associating all the names and numbers with the new faces of the players on the court.

The newbies showed some real skill, energy and athleticism, not to mention (of course) some also-real rookie mistakes. We think it's going to be fun watching these six mature as players, just as we enjoyed seeing the returning veterans this evening.

And speaking of the vets -- the Terps are in incredible shape! Collectively, it's obvious they've lost a good deal of weight over the summer, we heard 70 pounds mentioned --- the weight of an entire (though small) human being. They look leaner and meaner fitter than last season. (Not to mention that their Coach looks unbelievably fit and trim.) Fortunately, the exception to all this weight loss was Essence Townsend, who reportedly gained 18 pounds since we last saw her. We confess, though, she is so vertically-endowed that it's almost impossible for the naked eye to see any difference. But it is pretty obvious this is a Terps team designed to get up and down the floor quickly, with a bench deep enough to keep up a really fast pace. Should be a fun team to watch!

Tonight's game was an exhibition, so it doesn't count in either team's win-loss column. For the record, though, the Terps won, 90-37. The Gallaudet Bison played with heart and enthusiasm, but were simply no match for the much bigger, faster, and more athletic Terps. Gallaudet had a good turnout of fans supporting their team . . . always nice to see (unless we're playing Duke).

The Terps have one more exhibition game before the non-conference part of their real schedule begins. Maryland faces another local team, the UDC Firebirds, this Sunday at 2 PM. We'll be there . . . and we hope to see you at Comcast!


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