Monday, September 10, 2012

When ESPN The Magazine dropped through the BCs’ mail slot the other day, we didn’t think we’d find much in this latest issue to interest us. After all, it’s the annual “Franchise Issue” containing rankings of what the magazine calls “every major sports franchise” -- which, to ESPN, means the teams that make up the four major men’s sports leagues -- the NBA, the NFL, MLB, and the NHL. In truth, the BCs don’t spend a great deal of time following most of those teams. (Though we did watch one helluva performance by RGIII yesterday!)

However, as we flipped through this particular ESPN Mag issue, one thing definitely caught our eye. Out of the total of 122 franchises in those four men’s major leagues, the Washington Wizards were ranked 118th overall. Ouch!! These overall rankings took into consideration such factors as “stadium experience,” “players,” “affordability,” “fan relations,” etc.

Here’s the thing, though:  as bad as the 118th overall ranking was for the Wizards, their ranking for the individual factor called “fan relations” was even worse. The Wizards finished 122 . . . out of the 122 franchises. DEAD. LAST. Yes, their “fan relations” were judged worst of all the men’s sports teams in four professional major leagues. 122 Ouches!  

Which got us to thinking. It doesn’t take an ESPN survey to know that the Mystics’ “relationship” with their fans is pretty strained right now. (Don’t take the BCs’ word for it . . . just check the comments on the Mystics' Facebook page after any Mystics game.)  If ESPN did a survey of the WNBA, we figure the Mystics would probably finish about 14th in “fan relations” (in a 12-team league).

So, that begs the question: what do the Wizards and the Mystics have in common? Well, besides the fact that they’re both pro basketball teams, there are two things for sure: 1) they have the same owners (Ted, Sheila, and the other partners at Monumental Sports), and 2) they share top management (Greg Bibb, Chief Operating Officer of the Mystics, who also serves as Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the Wizards.)

Hmmm . . . something to think about.   


At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Section 120 (former) said...

Great sleuthing, BCs. I just don't understand how the management could be so completely inept. At least this proves they aren't deliberately screwing up the Mystics...they're equal opportunity franchise killers.

At 11:12 PM, Blogger dcsportsfan said...

Interesting points BC's. The only thing is that Ted and Sheila took over the controlling interest for the Wizards when they were enduring the most embarrasing event in team history, but the gist of it is still true, and it hurts.

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that the Caps are 68 overall, 46 in fan relations, and 13 for ownership. I think that shows where Ted's heart is. And perhaps what Bibb has done on the basketball side.

At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least they seem to be trying a little bit. I'm going to try again at the STH event on Monday (it HAS to go more smoothly than the postgame on), and think the concession credit for next season is a nice gesture.

Yes, I'm grasping at straws

At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are some autographs I need to get so I'll be re-newing. I'll keep praying for Lang, Mo, Matee, and any poor soul that has the misfortune to play for trudi. We all know that trudi isn't going to be fired/replaced no matter how much we complain. Monumental sports doesn't give 2 cents what happens. And they certainly have no respect for the STHs and possibly the players on the team. We'd have more luck writting to our Congressman and getting a bill passed/vetoed than getting rid of the coach.

At 12:36 AM, Anonymous nsw43 said...

Interestingly, the Capitals rank 46th in Fan Relations and 67th overall. Same owner, same facility -- but big different in rank.

At 12:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Mystics founding fan as well as a Capitals season ticket holder. I've been very happy with the Capitals organization. I called my Mystics ticket rep yesterday and said I would not be renewing ... as long as Trudi is the coach and GM! I also told her I feel very badly for Crystal. The renewal incentives are not enough to offset the PROBLEM!


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