Sunday, December 30, 2007

Party of Threes

If any of our readers has ever been to a basketball game in which there were more than 27 three-point shots hit in regulation, please let us know, because we can't believe that what we (and 5,900 other Terps fans) experienced today at the Comcast Center happens very often. On their way to routing the UMBC Retrievers this afternoon, 98-56, the Terps set a new ACC record for most threes made in a game, 17! But the Retrievers were no slouches from behind the arc either, hitting 10 of their own. It was a veritable 3-pointer party in College Park . . . and another fun game for the fans.

Maryland's prior record for threes was (a mere) 12. That record was broken by freshman Drey Mingo, when she nailed the Terps' 13th trey with about 10 minutes left in the second half. About two minutes later, another freshman, Kat Lyons, hit Maryland's 14th . . . and then the Terps added three more . . . just for good measure. In other words, they literally shattered the old record! 17 . . . Amazing!

Five different Terps hit threes and all five Terps starters finished in double figures. Marissa Coleman hit a remarkable six threes (a career high), for 18 points (plus 6 assists and 8 boards). Kristi was right behind with five treys of her own (plus two additional points -- for a total of 17 -- as well as 8 assists). Lang had another double-double (14 points and 10 boards), while Harp added 16 points and Marah 12.

The New Year won't be rung in until Monday night, but the party started early today at Comcast!

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Monday Morning Update. Having sent Kathy Orton to cover Saturday's game between the Terps and the Spiders, the Washington Post must have hit its weekly quota for in-person coverage of women's sports, as it once again today published a wire services account of a Maryland game. Boo and hiss to the Post's Sports Editor.


At 9:49 PM, Blogger healthyterp said...

That was such a fun game - our girls really lit it up. Unfortunately I am going to be out of town for a few games (until the that includes Duke, unfortunately) that just means you have to cheer extra loud for me! BTW if you look to the first row of the student section...I'm the one with the camera :-). But my next game back will prob be the game @ i guess my next home game will be Miami on the 31st. OMG what am I going to do! That's a month! Keep it up.... I love your blog!


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