Thursday, December 20, 2007

Homecoming Queen. Returning to our cruise aboard the Kristi Toliver Love Boat, we see that the sports section in today's Harrisonburg, Virginia, Daily News Record is pretty much all KT. "She's Back" the paper proudly proclaims in a feature about Kristi's return to her hometown. Tonight the Terps take on James Madison University, the team with the longest home winning streak in the nation (30 games!), at 7PM at the JMU Convocation Center.

Unlike the coaches of other Maryland opponents, JMU Coach Kenny Brooks (a Toliver family friend) did not wait until after the game to shower KT with some love. Nope, Brooks has already boarded the Kristi Toliver Love Boat, proclaiming Kristi "the best point guard in the country." In another article in today's News Record, Brooks also acknowledges the extraordinary talent of KT's teammates. "They're all McDonalds All-Americans," he says. (Two articles in the same paper about a game that hasn't even been played yet? Amazing!)

Meanwhile, clear across the Old Dominion, today's Richmond Times-Dispatch also has a preview of tonight's game, noting that JMU is expecting a crowd of more than 6,000 to see KT's homecoming. And Coach Brooks is looking for a big game from KT: "I hope Kristi scores 40 and we win by one."

Back home in Maryland, the Baltimore Sun's Milton Kent also booked passage on the Kristi Toliver Love Boat (no doubt with the ship's dashing young Purser, Rhet) before Captain Brenda and First Mate Daron steered it away from the dock in College Park.

JMU will be doing their best tonight to extend their D-I best win steak and the Terps will be doing their best to end it. So there's a lot on the line tonight . . . besides KT's homecoming. If, like the BasketCases, you can't make it to Harrisonburg, you can listen to the game via the Terps' web site or, better yet, watch it via a pay-per-view JMU web cast (which you can subscribe to here). It looks like the cheapest subscription option is $7.95 (expensive!), but we think it should be worth it (if the technology works) to catch the conclusion of the cruise. All aboard!


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